MarketsWorld Review | Strategy, Trading

It’s quite exciting. They are the only online broker to offer up to 94% returns. Plus also their minimum deposit is as low as $5. So it’s a great platform to actually– without spending too much money if you want to just try a few trades before you put in a larger deposit. But one thing to keep in mind– if you’re going to put in a low first deposit, they’ll only match your first deposit. So if you put in $5, they’ll give you a $5 bonus.

But if you put in $300 they’ll give you a $300 bonus. So I guess that’s the catch-22. We’re going to basically do some small trades of $1 just to see how the system works, and we’ll be using my free Binary Options strategy.

So we’ll go through the commodities first. And we’ll bring up gold. And we’ll be doing one hour expirys.

So on this particular case we’ll be doing half hour expirys because the session of gold is almost over. So we’ll bring up the gold charts. If you’re familiar with my system you’ll realize that this is on my site on the homepage as a link. And it’s basically just the eToro real time trends analysis.

Well you can see here this is a very, very good bearish trend, so we’ll definitely be trading this one. And so we’ll be putting in a lower call. Our stake will be $1.

And also this is one of the few platforms to offer $1 investments. Which is really good if you just want to get your feet wet before going into larger trades. So we’ll put in a buy.

And that will go through. So you can see it says here if at two o’clock, if gold is lower than this particular value, you will earn 91% of my trade. So– you can obviously– if I put in $100, that would have been a $91 return. And you can see down here in the Active Trades this is pending.

So we’ll go over to the next one, which is oil. And we’ll bring this up on my charts, on the eToro charts. You don’t actually have to use my chart here, you can actually download eToro yourself and have it sitting in another window on your screen. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. You can use metaphor transanalysis. So we’ll bring up oil.

This is a classic neutral graph, which is what we don’t want to trade, as it’s either going to be just continuing on this line– we want to really predict which way the stock is going. So we’ll leave that one alone. We’ll bring up silver.

And we’ll come over to silver. And another very, very bearish chart. So we’ll be trading silver.

And putting a lower call. You’ll notice how different sites have different ways– some call it [INAUDIBLE], some call it high-low. In different countries like Japan, high-low’s very common. This particular software they use high-lower. So putting in a buy call. One interesting fact about Markets World is it’s also a proprietary software platform.

So you won’t find this set-up in any other broker. These guys have actually done their own software, which is quite interesting. So that was at a 90% profit.

So we’ll bring up the AUD/USD currency pair, and we’ll go through and bring up all that. This is probably a bit sideways for my liking, so I’ll leave this one alone. The Euro/Swiss. Euro/Swiss.

Again, very sideways, we’ll leave this one alone. Euro/British pounds. And as you can tell, on many of these binary brokers, is that their actual graph they give is very basic, very rudimentary.

It gives you a bit of a guide at what’s happening, but you’re better off getting your better transanalysis charts and you can really break down into different periods if you really want to see what’s happening on different periods. Obviously for my one-hour system I use the five minute chart. Because I’ll be trading within what’s happening within an hour of a stock. So let’s bring up the Euro/British pounds.

Again, very sideways. All the currencies aren’t doing too much in either direction [INAUDIBLE] a bearish or bullish chart. The Euro– I think this is TRY. I’m actually [INAUDIBLE] come across that one before. I think I have it handy.

TRY? I’ll have to research that myself, what TRY stands for. I’ll bring up the EUR/USD– the EUR/USD, a very popular currency to trade. And, again, very sideways, We’ll leave this one alone.

And the British pound/USD. [INAUDIBLE] British pound, British pound, British pound, where are you? I have gone blank here. Where is it?

Maybe they have it up in [INAUDIBLE]. USD/British pound maybe it is. USD– oh there it is– it’s the very first one.

Sideways again. And lastly the USD/YEN currency pair. And, again, very sideways, so we’re going to be staying away.

There’s no indexes open at the moment. So these are my two trades. So we’ve got 15 minutes until these traits are closed out.

You can see this is why– when I first deposited back on the fourth I actually lost this particular trade. So that’s pretty much Markets World, pretty straightforward. I’ll pause this video and restart it again with about a minute to go, and we’ll see how my trades ended up. So see you soon.

OK, guys we’ve got a minute to go. One comment I would say that’s a negative about Markets World is that you can’t easily tell where your trade is currently sitting. All of the other platforms have very good indicators to see if your trade is either a winning trade or a losing trade. Right now it’s very static, it just says “pending.”

So obviously, when it’s going to be two o’clock in 30 seconds, we’ll see if my trades are winning or losing. I guess you can like– we could bring up silver here and see where the current strike price is. I got in at 32.691, I need it to be lower for it to be a winning trade. So it’s loading up here for some reason.

So it’s 32.720, which would be a losing trade. And for gold, we need it to be lower than 1736.64. And it is right, or no it’s actually above as well, so that would be two losing trades. So it’s past two o’clock, so these trades have now expired. So I don’t think this page auto-refreshes, so you probably have to, I’m guessing, click Trade again. And that probably flashes the orders.

Yep. So let’s process them. And yeah, you can see here that those two that we just did were losing trades. So that’s the Markets World trading platform.

The bonuses, or the positives, are very, very high returns, of up to 95% percent. And the other unique thing is you can deposit from as low as $5. And they do offer a 100% bonus up to $300.