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Sometimes it is possible to play in such a way as to guarantee no further contact between opposing men When this happens, the situation is known as a running game, and the race goes to the player who can roll the largest numbers.

Simply speaking, a player should endeavor to gel into a running game when he is ahead in pips. If he is behind in the race, he should try to maintain contact, hoping to get a shot. White rolls a 6-5, What should he do?

He should bring those two back men to his 11 and 10 points. He is quite ahead in the race, and he cai determine how much he is ahead by counting the pips Black’s count is 113. This count is reached by notinp the point each checker is on and adding the total of these numbers.

For instance, black has:

Before playing the 6-5, the white men have a count of 97. White, being ahead in the count with the lowest number, should therefore turn the game into a simple race.

White does not have much chance in a running game since he is 24 pips behind. Instead of taking his two men back off black’s home board, he leaves them in the hope of hitting one of black’s men on the 12 and 13 points. Even if white doesn’t get to hit a black man, it ispossible that black will have to waste quite a few pips.

If black cannot move one of his outside men safely, he may have to move one of the men already on his board. This play does him no appreciable good, and in the meantime, white will be bringing his men in safely and advantageously.

Every now and then things don’t go as a player would like, and he finds that everytime he leaves a blot, it gets hit. Before he knows it, he has four, five, or even more men on his opponent’s board.

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