Here’s How to Be Creative with Backyard Exercises

Part of learning to train at home is learning to be creative with your exercises. Because equipment is limited you need to find ways of using what is available to you.

Here are some ways you can be creative with your backyard shed exercises:

1. Change the way you do existing exercises

This is one of my favorite methods because it doesnt require doing anything new. Let’s say you want to change your shoulder workout but all you can do is the overhead press. Well, you can change it by doing a number of things. For example, change the speed at which you do the exercise making your declines super slow and your pushes fast and explosive. Or, you could change the height you lift the weight to so that you target only the lower part of the exercise. Changing the way you do an exercise is a simple way to get more out of it and take it to the next level.

2. Adapt bodybuilding exercises

Check out some bodybuilding exercises on the web and adapt them to things you have around the home. For example, arnold presses can easily be done with some paint cans or bricks and lateral side raises can be done with your dads bbq deck chairs. The exercises require that the weight is heavy, not that it is a dumbbell.

3. Intensify your chosen sports natural movements

One of the things I used to do for soccer was take the natural movements in the game and make them more intense. For example, I would practice my throwins with a heavy medicine ball in the hope of developing those associated muscles. Or, to develop my leg power, I would do a set of jumping squats and then run and take a long distance shot. Mixing the resistance exercise with the explosive exercise really helped my power come a long way. Take the movements in your sport and intensify them to really push those muscles.


Weight training at home is about using what you have around you whilst still sticking to correct technique and lifting methods. It is not hard to workout with weights at home as long as you are creative with your workouts.

In the next post we will look at some random strange exercises that you can do with little or no equipment. They are simple but very effective.