Weight Loss Tips

The Fastest and Safest Way to Lose Weight

Have you given up trying to slim down because the diet and exercise routines the experts recommend are too strict and demanding? There is hope for you yet. The raspberry ketone diet is so easy and simple that all you need to do is take two little pills a day. And the best thing is that you won’t even have to sacrifice your usual diet; just downsize it a bit and maintain a simple exercise routine to remain fit and healthy.

What is raspberry ketone diet?

Raspberry ketone is a compound that occurs naturally in raspberry fruit. But it occurs in such minute quantities that a kilogram of the fruit yields only 1 to 4 mg of the substance. This is why it is so expensive in its pure form, a kilogram of which fetches up to $20,000 in the market. Fortunately, it can be synthesized in the laboratory in large quantities and made in the form of affordable pills for consumption. Experts recommend two pills a day for weight loss – one before breakfast and another before lunch.

How does the diet help lose weight?

Raspberry ketone minimizes the intake of fat from food. When deprived of fat, the body’s metabolism is forced to burn the fat already stored in the body to produce energy. With excess fat gone, slimming takes place naturally. With the raspberry ketone diet, you won’t even have to do any physical exercise, although you should to keep yourself fit and healthy. A quarter to an half an hour’s exercise won’t hurt you. As for the amount of food intake, it helps speed up the weight loss if you decrease if you are in the habit of eating a large quantity.

Has the diet been tested and proven?

Raspberry ketone plus has been known to science for a long time. It was originally used in perfumes and cosmetics and as a food additive because of its fruity flavor. It is still used for these purposes. But its importance to the fitness industry lies in the fact that not so long ago it was discovered to have the amazing fat burning property. It was introduced to the world by the renowned health expert and fitness guru Dr. Oz after many successful tests. He who subsequently placed it in his list of ‘Top Five Miracle Fat Burners’, a position which it still holds.

What are the safety issues?

The raspberry ketone diet has been listed as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAF) by the Food and Drug Administration. This is proof that it is safe to consume. Studies have shown that it is no associated side-effects like headache, nausea, fever and tiredness. This makes this miracle fat burner totally safe for consumption. In fact, it has been found to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in old people. This makes it the perfect weight loss solution for overweight and obese people of all ages.