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Hey guys, we’re here for some more jackpots and our first game is gonna be Quick drop! Yup, let’s see if she can get this 1000 ticket jackpot. 

So she has to get all 50 balls into those containers down there. Within the time limit. This is the time limit. She has to do that before that time limit goes down.

Oh that was a close one! She’s doing pretty good right now. She can totally get it if she keeps up this pace she’s gonna get it for sure. She’s got 19 left, she’s almost there! C’mon I want this thousand! Oh, she’s gonna get it, she’s gonna get it, she’s got it.

Oh c’mon! One more! You got it!

Wait, wait, it says you dropped all 50 balls but didn’t count that last one as an entry. Yeah! She’s got it!

Jackpot slots I got it, I got it! She’s got a jackpot, look at it! You got 1000! I just jackpot ed! Oh the tickets are coming out down here.

Look how slow it’s going and it’s like I don’t know how to go fast. Nice! It’s gonna have to get all 1000! Look, 1000 jackpot tickets! So, we’re over here playing Down a Clown and look at these tickets, we’ve been getting a lot of Jackpots.

We’ve been gettin’ jackpot after jackpot and now it’s time to try on this side. Our tickets are still coming out we probably have a thousand to go. That’s like 2000, we ended up getting two more jackpots. Cris is over here playing Gold Fishin’, Gold Fishin’.

She hasn’t been able to get the jackpot yet but I have faith in her. I think she can get it. Oh yeah she got a pink one. A pink one is worth 100.Another pink one!

another pink one. So all she has to getoh and a blue one! All you have to get is, 1000No ,all she has to get is 1010 and she’s at 825. Oh my gosh, it’s like her forth attempt but it’s still cool if she gets it. You still have five balls. You have five balls.

Make anotheryes, you got it!I got it! You got it, you got 500 tickets!

She’s just throwing all the balls now. Throw them all in there! Woo! [Laughter]Awesome!I think that’s the last ball.

It gave you a total of 1275 and you got it! It’s going crazy, you got it Cris! How do you feel?Awesome!Her tickets are coming out! Nice, that another 500 tickets for us.

Angel wants to try and get a jackpot too. So let’s see if he can get a 500 jackpot. Oh that was close! Oh, he got a pink one!

Oh, woo! Those things are really bouncy!I need a blue one.Aw man, they’re goin crazy!  You can’t reach the ball! Oh man!

Oh you got the middle!I got the middle but I still didn’t get it in.Oh that sucks but you still got 60! And of course Angel has to get the jackpot on Crossy Road, which he has completed the achievement. 200 he has to beat and he’s already at 214.Let’s see how much I can get.

Yeah, Let’s see how much you can get. You’re doing good!There’s no point in showing all the rest, right? Yeah. And we didn’t want to bore you guys.Yeah, we didn’t want to bore you guys. So, we just started recording when he was close to getting it.

Oh, he makes me so nervous on this game.I get anxiety too.You get anxiety too?Hey, I got the daily high score.Oh you did, the daily high score was 152.

Oh well, Angel, you beat that.Oh!So I got, 1,290 tickets.

He’s gonna try and get a jackpot on Floppy Tickets. He has to beat a 94 to get a 1000 jackpot. That’s a lot.That is a ton!

Yeah that’s difficult, we’re not really good at this game either one of us.I think you’re better than I am.I don’t know, I think your high score is like 90 something.It’s actually 80.

Oh 80? I’m not very good either, but I do like to play this game. He’s doing good so far, you got 57. I’m letting him concentrate a little bit. Oh he’s at what, 60? Oh he’s at 70 guys.

He’s doin’ good, oh goodness. Oh goodness. Oh goodness.

You’re almost there Angel!I know! I got it!Oh my gosh he got it!

I got it!Oh my god! He’s past 94, he’s still going!Still going I never did this good!You never done that good!

I never did that good!Oh my gosh, do we get 1124? Angel wants to win the jackpot at Kung Fu Panda Another 1000 if we can.A thousand tickets jackpot. Can he do it?

I don’t know! The first level is always so easy. You’re doing good!That one’s always easy. Yeah, that one’s too easy for you.

What is that?That’s what he does!Okay, okay whatever. Second round you have to break 25 targets.

You’re doing good so far. He’s at 16! Oh my god you barely made it!

That was all for the camera.That was all for showOkay, let’s see how many you have to break. How many dumplings34 dumplings! Are you gonna be able to do it? We’ll see! Show us what you got pork chop!

Whoa! Come on little kung fu panda! Show us what you’re workin’ with. Bah boom! Oh he missed one. Hurry Angel, Hurry!

Ugh, he missed one!I missed one, I missed one. Oh I gotta try again.He’s back on the third level. 34 dumplings Angel!

Show us what you can do little pork chop panda! Oh he’s getting close. Six seconds.

C’mon Angel, c’mon little pork chop. Three more! Three more! Oh no!Not sure if Cris is gonna can get a jackpot on this but Full Tilt gonna give it a try.

So she basically has to tilt the ball down to the bottom level and try to get to that 860. Nope, she got 15 that time. Maybe she’ll get it this time. Try again, and try not to get 15 tickets! The jackpot’s a drop right in the middle.

So, she gonna start over, the ball drops in three, two, one! There it is, there it is. Oh, Oh! Oh that was so close to the jackpot!

Look how small the jackpot is compared to those.I know!It’s like not even gonna go in there. But you goin’ to try again!Woo! I like that sound it makes.

It goes Woo! Oh there it goes, It’s goin’. It’s goin’. It’s goin’!

Oh it bounced off of it!I know, I seen it!Aw, try it one more time. This is gonna be the last time, I hope she gets it. I hope she gets it.

It’s gonna drop in three, two, one!Woo, I like that sound. There it goes.

Oh she doesn’t wanna move it. Move it faster!there it goes, there it goes, There it goes, there it goes. Oh it bounced right past it again. Well you got some tickets at least.

Now Cris is gonna try Grand Piano Keys. She has to push those buttons that line up. Oh she messed up already! She normally doesn’t mess up at all on this. Yeah but she has to time it, she has to do them just right with that line up there. Oh twice?

Wow, she never messes up on this I’m surprised she’s messing up. She going too fast for her hands. He brain is going too fast.

She’s at 40 tickets though, that’s still pretty good. Oh! I thought she messed up but she didn’t. It just, froze or something. She got 78 keys!

That’s 52 tickets Cris! Jackpot went up to 622. Angel is focused. Look at that. Look at that focused pork chop.

That’s a focused pork chop right there. Oh that was close and almostOh that’s so close. C’mon you can do it! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! drop ’em, drop ’em, drop ’em!Yes, I got it!

 You got it!I think got it. Wait for it.Let’s wait and see if you got it all the balls will drop.

Yes I got it!622!622, Look at all those things going crazy! Angel’s gonna finish it off here at Galaga Assault, where the jackpot is 500 tickets if he can win it.I’m sure I can.And we hardly ever play this so you have a lot of confidence.

I have a lot of confidence for someone who doesn’t play it, right?Yeah, exactly.I want the extra ship, give it to me!

Okay, I got it.Okay, here’s the extra ship. Now he has two ships, to kill all those things.Hey, where’d the bomb go? I missed it.

Oh cool.Oh there’s the bomb. There’s the bomb.Kill them, kill them, kill them!I didn’t hit the bomb but that’s okay.

Oh okay.Mothership. You’re at 36 tickets so far.Oh wow, really?

Yeah. This is the mothership, if he can kill the mothership he gets the jackpot. Aww!Well I got 38 tickets. Here are all of today’s tickets.

That is a bunch, let’s go see what we have. We ended up with a little over 13,000 tickets so we’re gonna save up our tickets. We decided we’re gonna save up all the tickets, and get something really big like an iPad or something.Yeah.

But today we did get something we got some appetizers! You can use your tickets to get appetizers it was like 750 tickets, so we got some of these, what is this? Like pepperoni pretzel rolls. Yeah, something like that.


Types of Card Players

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Hey! Had dinner yet?

– Look at my dhoti first. It is too loose. That’s why I’m not wearing one. Where are the rest of the guys? – I don’t know.

Here they come. – Here they come. Isn’t the bride’s friend too beautiful? Don’t try your luck with her, because I’m going to. Whatever.

– We’ll leave now. You’ll again have to come here tomorrow morning. I suggest you rather stay here.

If we go home now, we can sleep for atleast 4 hours. Why should you sleep, by the way? You aren’t the bride.

To look good in the selfies we click. The only thing they do is eat, sleep, selfies, repeat. Still they use ‘#Fun’. – That’s true. Gauthami hardly answers her phone while Jahnavi is always busy. Haven’t all we friends got together after long?

Alright, fine. What’s the plan for the night then? What’s the point in staying up if all of you are busy with your phones? How shall we pass time? – Shall we play ‘Truth or Dare’? Don’t we know everyone’s secrets here?

No point in playing that. We aren’t kids to play ‘Truth or Dare’. Let’s play Ludo instead. I can’t help your case, buddy.

Shall we play ‘Anthakshari’? – Like we all are fine singers! Come up with something.

I’m already sleepy. That’s why I said we’d leave. I’ll kill you if you fall asleep. What do we do then? I don’t know how to play cards. – Hell with this guy.

You don’t even know how to wear a dhoti. Yet you are wearing it, right? A note to all you guys before we begin the video. I’m totally against the idea of gambling. The game of cards depicted in the video is the one played between friends and relatives when they all get together for weddings, festivals or other events. So, this is a just a light hearted take of it.

Each will have 13 cards. Drop your 14th card with its face down and call for ‘show’. Simple.

I’ve a doubt. Value of Ace can be 1 or even 14. Why is it so?

What is the rule on natural sequences? How many ‘lives’ are a must? One would do, right? Can we use a joker in a natural sequence? What is the rule on the colour of the triplets? I’m ready to call ‘show’.

But I’ve an extra card. Why? Sit, Ganesh. – I won’t sit next to him. Let’s switch.

But why? – I never win if I sit next to him. Stop kidding.

– Shut up and switch places, idiot. Idiot? Why did she call me that? What did you drop?

– Five of Diamonds. Hurry up. – I am. You are boring us to death by keeping us waiting. Just a minute, Jahnu.

– Your slow play is such a bummer. I feel I need all the cards. – Hurry up and visit best online casino for real money for kiwi.

What a pain.. Which card do you want, darling? I’ll drop that card for you.

I need 4 Clubs. – You need 4 cards? No.

I meant 4 of Clubs. He just won’t drop it. Drop which ever cards she wants. – Sure.

Sure. Darling, we’ll play the next game together. Give me a minute. Are you done? Are you done?

Do you have a ‘Joker‘? Even you didn’t get the ‘Joker’? Who else has it then? You’ve got all the ‘Jokers’, didn’t you? If you are done, give me a hint.

I’ll quit this round. Bro, all I need is an Ace. Please, bro. Did I win this round? Or didn’t I? I guess I won it.

Please check. Check if I’ve won this round. Here are two triplets. Here is a natural sequence. Are you sure I’ve won it. – Yes, you have.

I guess I’ve won it. You’ve dropped the ‘Joker’. You can’t take back dropped cards. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’.

– Rule is a rule. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’. I’ve got 4 ‘Jokers’. It’s your turn.

Shuffle and distribute the cards. Sure. Hurry up, will you?

What are you even doing? – I’m almost done. Give it to me. I’ll do it. Can’t you even shuffle cards? This card goes here.

– I should get the first card. Just swap these two cards. – I’ll rather do it again. Jahnu.. – Yes? – Your turn it is. You are done with yours?

– Of course, I am. Which card did you drop? – Number six. Six of what?

– Six of hearts. Red heart or black heart? – Are you even interested? If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

– I dropped six of hearts. I don’t want that. Pick one up from the pack. I suggest you quit your game and get back to your phone.

I’m playing, am I not? I am a multi-tasker. I don’t want this either. I know you wouldn’t need it, since you dropped all your diamonds. Guys, it is ‘Show’ time.

Wait. You don’t even have a ‘life’. How could you win the round? Show me your cards. I-I am sorry.

I’m sorry. It is a wrong call. No.

You are out. – Give me one last chance, please. Add 80 points to your score. – 80 points! Hell no. Give me one last chance.

– We’ve given you enough already. ‘No one is looking at me. The time is right.’

‘I’ll take out the card and add it to the rest.’ I’ve seen him take a card out of his pocket. Check the total number of cards with him. Let’s just count the number of cards.

W-Well, he gave me all those cards. – Get up. You placed those cards there, didn’t you? I’m innocent. Every time I play cards with friends and family these kinds of scenes come alive. Let me know in the comments section if you too were in the same situations.

Ganesh, look there. Look at me. I deserve this piece of chicken more than you do. Whatever. You know the proper etiquette of eating biryani?

The first time you eat biryani, eat it like it is the last time. The second time you eat biryani, eat it with more vigour than the first time. Continue this process n number of times.

Later Decisions

Sometimes it is possible to play in such a way as to guarantee no further contact between opposing men When this happens, the situation is known as a running game, and the race goes to the player who can roll the largest numbers.

Simply speaking, a player should endeavor to gel into a running game when he is ahead in pips. If he is behind in the race, he should try to maintain contact, hoping to get a shot. White rolls a 6-5, What should he do?

He should bring those two back men to his 11 and 10 points. He is quite ahead in the race, and he cai determine how much he is ahead by counting the pips Black’s count is 113. This count is reached by notinp the point each checker is on and adding the total of these numbers.

For instance, black has:

Before playing the 6-5, the white men have a count of 97. White, being ahead in the count with the lowest number, should therefore turn the game into a simple race.

White does not have much chance in a running game since he is 24 pips behind. Instead of taking his two men back off black’s home board, he leaves them in the hope of hitting one of black’s men on the 12 and 13 points. Even if white doesn’t get to hit a black man, it ispossible that black will have to waste quite a few pips.

If black cannot move one of his outside men safely, he may have to move one of the men already on his board. This play does him no appreciable good, and in the meantime, white will be bringing his men in safely and advantageously.

Every now and then things don’t go as a player would like, and he finds that everytime he leaves a blot, it gets hit. Before he knows it, he has four, five, or even more men on his opponent’s board.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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How To Play Position in Poker

One of the first things that any aspiring player should attempt to understand is the lesson of playing poker in position. This lesson alone can make the difference between being a winning player and a losing player and it is something that can be relatively easy to learn, but much more complex to master. The simplest lesson of position to learn is that every hand gains value the later in position you are playing. Certainly hands like aces, kings, ace-king, or queens are going to have a playable value no matter where you are on the table, but many other hands become playable or unplayable simply because of the position that you have been dealt them in.

In a nine player table position is often broken up into four different sections, early, middle and late position along with the blinds. The traditional rule is that the earlier in position that you are going to open the pot, the stronger your hand must be in doing so. The logic behind this is that if you open a pot in first position, known as under the gun, there is a potential that eight other hands are stronger than yours is. However as players fold in front of you, your hand becomes incrementally stronger as you know now there are a fewer number of potential players that can beat your hand as you open the pot. There are numerous materials online which can show the differences one should look for when opening a pot in terms of position at the poker table. However the simplest rule is that, your hands should be progressively stronger if you’re opening earlier in position and they can become progressively weaker as you are later in position. This does not necessarily mean you should be raising with deuce-seven every time on the button, but you will be more likely to succeed if you raise that hand on the button than you would be in early or middle position.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!