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Spend $1 Billion Dollars In 24 Hours or Lose It All

For added incentive, if you fail the challenge the money goes to an organization dedicated to kicking kittens- and 1 billion will buy a lot of innocent kittens to kick, so you better not fail. You can’t give any of the money away as a donation or gift, it has to be spent on something that’s just for you or perhaps you and a few friends at max. So no copping out by buying the entire Infographics Show staff 50 million dollar gift cards to In and Out- which of course we know you would do because you love us and In and Out is pretty much the best. So, time to get greedy- much like the late and great Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions, the clock is ticking and time is running out. Without further adieu here’s our purchases- think you can do better?

Stay tuned and then give us your list in the comments! 1. Naturally the first thing most people are going to think about is buying a home- real estate is a solid investment after all and there’s quite a few very hefty cash sinks that can quickly eat up a billion dollars. But why start at a home? We’ve got a billion dollars- it’s time to think bigger.

Like private island big. All the open space you could want, no neighbors whatsoever to worry about, and no pesky home owner’s association telling you to take down your Halloween decorations because it’s April- Halloween is a year-round celebration, or at least it should be. And with your own private island, it will be. The United Arab Emirates offers a wide variety of artificially built islands all for sale, and with Al Marjan Island up for grabs at $462,000,000, that’s an easy get that takes care of nearly half your budget.

The island features an airstrip, several beaches, and power provided from the mainland. Truly a picturesque and perfect man-made paradise, with just one slight catch- it’s located at the very tip of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and if you thought your current neighbors were a pain, just imagine having Iran as your next door neighbor barely 100 miles away. With constant threats against shipping in the Persian Gulf from Iran, Al Marjan Island may not be the safest place to live. But for now it’s a sunny island paradise and next door to beautiful Dubai- so much like America in the 2016 election, we’re just going to go with it. What’s the worst that could happen?

That takes care of $462,000,000 and leaves us with $538 million to go! 2. We just bought a private island in a potential war zone, so naturally the next thing we need to do is make sure our little slice of heaven is well protected. Normal security isn’t going to cut it though, after all you have an entire island to defend against one of the region’s most formidable militaries. It’s time to hire the best- or at least the most controversial and brutal- it’s time for Blackwater.

Made notorious after reports of their cowboy attitude and disregard for civilian collateral damage during their involvement in Iraq, Blackwater security changed its name to Academi- which we guess sounds less… thuggish? Well, at $1,222 a day, these guys aren’t going to be sitting around reading books. But to defend an island the size of Al Marjan, you’re going to need at least let’s say, 2 platoons of hired killers- or 60 mercenaries total.

That’s brings total cost to about $73,000 per day, or 2 million per month. With potentially two years left in Donald Trump’s presidency, and a possible re-election after that, let’s go ahead and secure a six year contract to make our new home safe, which brings the total to: $158 million. But hey, you can’t put a price on safety, and you’ll be keeping Blackwater employees too busy to be shooting innocent civilians, which is borderline charity but we’ll let this one pass.

That brings our total expenses to $620,000,000, leaving us with $380,000,000. 3. We’ve got our own island, and we’ve got our own bloodthirsty crew of hired mercenaries to stop anyone from getting on that island we don’t want there. Now it’s time to build a home, somewhere modest and cozy where we can lay our head after a long day being grateful war with Iran hasn’t broken out yet. Maybe something like… the Playboy Mansion Sadly if you’re a fan of the late Heffner’s, his home has already sold for $100,000,000, which was half of the original asking price. But why not just build your own?

Current construction costs in Dubai range from 6500 to 8000 Emirati Dirhams per square foot- which is about $1770 to $2178 US. Let’s say you want to recreate the Playboy Mansion on your new island- we’re pretty sure homes aren’t copyrighted- just how much would that cost? The original bunny house is 20,000 square feet, and let’s say you do like most builders in Dubai and use cheap foreign labor from east asia whom you pay slave wages to while treating them like actual slaves- including stealing their passports and threatening to imprison them if they complain about working 12 plus hours in 120 degree heat! So let’s go with the low end estimate of 6500 Dirhams per square footage, or $1770 US.

That’s going to cost you a whopping $35,400,000 for your own Hugh Heffner digs, but who can put a price on home? That brings our new total to $655,400,000, leaving us with $344,600,000. 4. We’re going to need a way to get to our fancy new digs all the way in Dubai, so we’ll be skipping the fancy car.

Remember how our island came with a private landing strip? That’s right- it’s time to buy our own jet. But not just any jet, we want a jet with class, style, and some history behind it-so we’re going to buy Donald Trump’s Boeing 757, selling at 100 million dollars. While a regular Boeing 757 can fit 200 ‘normals’, Trump has had his refurbished to accommodate only 23 human beings who fly through the air in the lap of gold-encrusted luxury.

With two bedrooms- which we’ll be immediately sanitizing- a private guest room- also sanitizing- a dining room, and a video room with a built-in cinema system, you’ll be getting to your island home in absolute style. Flying ain’t cheap though, and Trump’s operating cost used to run at $10,800 per flight hour which includes crew and fuel- so to make sure you can keep your jet operational let’s go ahead and contract out enough fuel and crew for at least 300 flight hours, for a total cost of 3,240,000. Combined with the 100 million dollar price tag, that brings the total cost to $103,240,000, making our new total expenses $824,180,000, and leaving us with $175,820,000. 5. Flying is nice, but we feel a call for the open seas, and you’re not really ultra-rich until you own a yacht, right?

Unfortunately with only $175 million left we can’t afford one of the world’s top ten most expensive yachts, but after our purchase of Trump’s old mile-high club air liner, we’re pretty much done with buying used. It’s time to buy new. Per Forbes, building a yacht used to cost about $1,000 per meter 100 years ago, but that price has now ballooned to a whopping $1,000,000 per meter. Then of course there’s the cost of crew and fuel. So let’s go with a more conservative approach and buy ourselves a 170 meter yacht- which is about 15 meters longer than an American AEGIS destroyer! That brings us to a $170,000,000 price tag- but our fancy new yacht, the SS Infographics, isn’t going to go anywhere without crew, insurance and fuel.

Annual fuel costs for a superyacht run about $400,000, with $350,000 in dockage fees if you choose to dock your yacht in foreign ports, $240,000 for insurance, $1,000,000 for maintenance, and $1,400,000 for crew salaries. That brings us to 3.39 million, bringing our total cost to $173,390,000. That brings our total expenses so far to $997,570,000. That leaves us with just barely 3.5 million dollars, which lucky for us is just enough to top off our shopping spree with the perfect gift for that special person we’ll be sharing our heavily fortified island home with: a 3.5 million dollar diamond engagement ring from Cartier jewelers.


Hey guys, we’re here for some more jackpots and our first game is gonna be Quick drop! Yup, let’s see if she can get this 1000 ticket jackpot. 

So she has to get all 50 balls into those containers down there. Within the time limit. This is the time limit. She has to do that before that time limit goes down.

Oh that was a close one! She’s doing pretty good right now. She can totally get it if she keeps up this pace she’s gonna get it for sure. She’s got 19 left, she’s almost there! C’mon I want this thousand! Oh, she’s gonna get it, she’s gonna get it, she’s got it.

Oh c’mon! One more! You got it!

Wait, wait, it says you dropped all 50 balls but didn’t count that last one as an entry. Yeah! She’s got it!

Jackpot slots I got it, I got it! She’s got a jackpot, look at it! You got 1000! I just jackpot ed! Oh the tickets are coming out down here.

Look how slow it’s going and it’s like I don’t know how to go fast. Nice! It’s gonna have to get all 1000! Look, 1000 jackpot tickets! So, we’re over here playing Down a Clown and look at these tickets, we’ve been getting a lot of Jackpots.

We’ve been gettin’ jackpot after jackpot and now it’s time to try on this side. Our tickets are still coming out we probably have a thousand to go. That’s like 2000, we ended up getting two more jackpots. Cris is over here playing Gold Fishin’, Gold Fishin’.

She hasn’t been able to get the jackpot yet but I have faith in her. I think she can get it. Oh yeah she got a pink one. A pink one is worth 100.Another pink one!

another pink one. So all she has to getoh and a blue one! All you have to get is, 1000No ,all she has to get is 1010 and she’s at 825. Oh my gosh, it’s like her forth attempt but it’s still cool if she gets it. You still have five balls. You have five balls.

Make anotheryes, you got it!I got it! You got it, you got 500 tickets!

She’s just throwing all the balls now. Throw them all in there! Woo! [Laughter]Awesome!I think that’s the last ball.

It gave you a total of 1275 and you got it! It’s going crazy, you got it Cris! How do you feel?Awesome!Her tickets are coming out! Nice, that another 500 tickets for us.

Angel wants to try and get a jackpot too. So let’s see if he can get a 500 jackpot. Oh that was close! Oh, he got a pink one!

Oh, woo! Those things are really bouncy!I need a blue one.Aw man, they’re goin crazy!  You can’t reach the ball! Oh man!

Oh you got the middle!I got the middle but I still didn’t get it in.Oh that sucks but you still got 60! And of course Angel has to get the jackpot on Crossy Road, which he has completed the achievement. 200 he has to beat and he’s already at 214.Let’s see how much I can get.

Yeah, Let’s see how much you can get. You’re doing good!There’s no point in showing all the rest, right? Yeah. And we didn’t want to bore you guys.Yeah, we didn’t want to bore you guys. So, we just started recording when he was close to getting it.

Oh, he makes me so nervous on this game.I get anxiety too.You get anxiety too?Hey, I got the daily high score.Oh you did, the daily high score was 152.

Oh well, Angel, you beat that.Oh!So I got, 1,290 tickets.

He’s gonna try and get a jackpot on Floppy Tickets. He has to beat a 94 to get a 1000 jackpot. That’s a lot.That is a ton!

Yeah that’s difficult, we’re not really good at this game either one of us.I think you’re better than I am.I don’t know, I think your high score is like 90 something.It’s actually 80.

Oh 80? I’m not very good either, but I do like to play this game. He’s doing good so far, you got 57. I’m letting him concentrate a little bit. Oh he’s at what, 60? Oh he’s at 70 guys.

He’s doin’ good, oh goodness. Oh goodness. Oh goodness.

You’re almost there Angel!I know! I got it!Oh my gosh he got it!

I got it!Oh my god! He’s past 94, he’s still going!Still going I never did this good!You never done that good!

I never did that good!Oh my gosh, do we get 1124? Angel wants to win the jackpot at Kung Fu Panda Another 1000 if we can.A thousand tickets jackpot. Can he do it?

I don’t know! The first level is always so easy. You’re doing good!That one’s always easy. Yeah, that one’s too easy for you.

What is that?That’s what he does!Okay, okay whatever. Second round you have to break 25 targets.

You’re doing good so far. He’s at 16! Oh my god you barely made it!

That was all for the camera.That was all for showOkay, let’s see how many you have to break. How many dumplings34 dumplings! Are you gonna be able to do it? We’ll see! Show us what you got pork chop!

Whoa! Come on little kung fu panda! Show us what you’re workin’ with. Bah boom! Oh he missed one. Hurry Angel, Hurry!

Ugh, he missed one!I missed one, I missed one. Oh I gotta try again.He’s back on the third level. 34 dumplings Angel!

Show us what you can do little pork chop panda! Oh he’s getting close. Six seconds.

C’mon Angel, c’mon little pork chop. Three more! Three more! Oh no!Not sure if Cris is gonna can get a jackpot on this but Full Tilt gonna give it a try.

So she basically has to tilt the ball down to the bottom level and try to get to that 860. Nope, she got 15 that time. Maybe she’ll get it this time. Try again, and try not to get 15 tickets! The jackpot’s a drop right in the middle.

So, she gonna start over, the ball drops in three, two, one! There it is, there it is. Oh, Oh! Oh that was so close to the jackpot!

Look how small the jackpot is compared to those.I know!It’s like not even gonna go in there. But you goin’ to try again!Woo! I like that sound it makes.

It goes Woo! Oh there it goes, It’s goin’. It’s goin’. It’s goin’!

Oh it bounced off of it!I know, I seen it!Aw, try it one more time. This is gonna be the last time, I hope she gets it. I hope she gets it.

It’s gonna drop in three, two, one!Woo, I like that sound. There it goes.

Oh she doesn’t wanna move it. Move it faster!there it goes, there it goes, There it goes, there it goes. Oh it bounced right past it again. Well you got some tickets at least.

Now Cris is gonna try Grand Piano Keys. She has to push those buttons that line up. Oh she messed up already! She normally doesn’t mess up at all on this. Yeah but she has to time it, she has to do them just right with that line up there. Oh twice?

Wow, she never messes up on this I’m surprised she’s messing up. She going too fast for her hands. He brain is going too fast.

She’s at 40 tickets though, that’s still pretty good. Oh! I thought she messed up but she didn’t. It just, froze or something. She got 78 keys!

That’s 52 tickets Cris! Jackpot went up to 622. Angel is focused. Look at that. Look at that focused pork chop.

That’s a focused pork chop right there. Oh that was close and almostOh that’s so close. C’mon you can do it! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! drop ’em, drop ’em, drop ’em!Yes, I got it!

 You got it!I think got it. Wait for it.Let’s wait and see if you got it all the balls will drop.

Yes I got it!622!622, Look at all those things going crazy! Angel’s gonna finish it off here at Galaga Assault, where the jackpot is 500 tickets if he can win it.I’m sure I can.And we hardly ever play this so you have a lot of confidence.

I have a lot of confidence for someone who doesn’t play it, right?Yeah, exactly.I want the extra ship, give it to me!

Okay, I got it.Okay, here’s the extra ship. Now he has two ships, to kill all those things.Hey, where’d the bomb go? I missed it.

Oh cool.Oh there’s the bomb. There’s the bomb.Kill them, kill them, kill them!I didn’t hit the bomb but that’s okay.

Oh okay.Mothership. You’re at 36 tickets so far.Oh wow, really?

Yeah. This is the mothership, if he can kill the mothership he gets the jackpot. Aww!Well I got 38 tickets. Here are all of today’s tickets.

That is a bunch, let’s go see what we have. We ended up with a little over 13,000 tickets so we’re gonna save up our tickets. We decided we’re gonna save up all the tickets, and get something really big like an iPad or something.Yeah.

But today we did get something we got some appetizers! You can use your tickets to get appetizers it was like 750 tickets, so we got some of these, what is this? Like pepperoni pretzel rolls. Yeah, something like that.


MarketsWorld Review | Strategy, Trading

It’s quite exciting. They are the only online broker to offer up to 94% returns. Plus also their minimum deposit is as low as $5. So it’s a great platform to actually– without spending too much money if you want to just try a few trades before you put in a larger deposit. But one thing to keep in mind– if you’re going to put in a low first deposit, they’ll only match your first deposit. So if you put in $5, they’ll give you a $5 bonus.

But if you put in $300 they’ll give you a $300 bonus. So I guess that’s the catch-22. We’re going to basically do some small trades of $1 just to see how the system works, and we’ll be using my free Binary Options strategy.

So we’ll go through the commodities first. And we’ll bring up gold. And we’ll be doing one hour expirys.

So on this particular case we’ll be doing half hour expirys because the session of gold is almost over. So we’ll bring up the gold charts. If you’re familiar with my system you’ll realize that this is on my site on the homepage as a link. And it’s basically just the eToro real time trends analysis.

Well you can see here this is a very, very good bearish trend, so we’ll definitely be trading this one. And so we’ll be putting in a lower call. Our stake will be $1.

And also this is one of the few platforms to offer $1 investments. Which is really good if you just want to get your feet wet before going into larger trades. So we’ll put in a buy.

And that will go through. So you can see it says here if at two o’clock, if gold is lower than this particular value, you will earn 91% of my trade. So– you can obviously– if I put in $100, that would have been a $91 return. And you can see down here in the Active Trades this is pending.

So we’ll go over to the next one, which is oil. And we’ll bring this up on my charts, on the eToro charts. You don’t actually have to use my chart here, you can actually download eToro yourself and have it sitting in another window on your screen. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. You can use metaphor transanalysis. So we’ll bring up oil.

This is a classic neutral graph, which is what we don’t want to trade, as it’s either going to be just continuing on this line– we want to really predict which way the stock is going. So we’ll leave that one alone. We’ll bring up silver.

And we’ll come over to silver. And another very, very bearish chart. So we’ll be trading silver.

And putting a lower call. You’ll notice how different sites have different ways– some call it [INAUDIBLE], some call it high-low. In different countries like Japan, high-low’s very common. This particular software they use high-lower. So putting in a buy call. One interesting fact about Markets World is it’s also a proprietary software platform.

So you won’t find this set-up in any other broker. These guys have actually done their own software, which is quite interesting. So that was at a 90% profit.

So we’ll bring up the AUD/USD currency pair, and we’ll go through and bring up all that. This is probably a bit sideways for my liking, so I’ll leave this one alone. The Euro/Swiss. Euro/Swiss.

Again, very sideways, we’ll leave this one alone. Euro/British pounds. And as you can tell, on many of these binary brokers, is that their actual graph they give is very basic, very rudimentary.

It gives you a bit of a guide at what’s happening, but you’re better off getting your better transanalysis charts and you can really break down into different periods if you really want to see what’s happening on different periods. Obviously for my one-hour system I use the five minute chart. Because I’ll be trading within what’s happening within an hour of a stock. So let’s bring up the Euro/British pounds.

Again, very sideways. All the currencies aren’t doing too much in either direction [INAUDIBLE] a bearish or bullish chart. The Euro– I think this is TRY. I’m actually [INAUDIBLE] come across that one before. I think I have it handy.

TRY? I’ll have to research that myself, what TRY stands for. I’ll bring up the EUR/USD– the EUR/USD, a very popular currency to trade. And, again, very sideways, We’ll leave this one alone.

And the British pound/USD. [INAUDIBLE] British pound, British pound, British pound, where are you? I have gone blank here. Where is it?

Maybe they have it up in [INAUDIBLE]. USD/British pound maybe it is. USD– oh there it is– it’s the very first one.

Sideways again. And lastly the USD/YEN currency pair. And, again, very sideways, so we’re going to be staying away.

There’s no indexes open at the moment. So these are my two trades. So we’ve got 15 minutes until these traits are closed out.

You can see this is why– when I first deposited back on the fourth I actually lost this particular trade. So that’s pretty much Markets World, pretty straightforward. I’ll pause this video and restart it again with about a minute to go, and we’ll see how my trades ended up. So see you soon.

OK, guys we’ve got a minute to go. One comment I would say that’s a negative about Markets World is that you can’t easily tell where your trade is currently sitting. All of the other platforms have very good indicators to see if your trade is either a winning trade or a losing trade. Right now it’s very static, it just says “pending.”

So obviously, when it’s going to be two o’clock in 30 seconds, we’ll see if my trades are winning or losing. I guess you can like– we could bring up silver here and see where the current strike price is. I got in at 32.691, I need it to be lower for it to be a winning trade. So it’s loading up here for some reason.

So it’s 32.720, which would be a losing trade. And for gold, we need it to be lower than 1736.64. And it is right, or no it’s actually above as well, so that would be two losing trades. So it’s past two o’clock, so these trades have now expired. So I don’t think this page auto-refreshes, so you probably have to, I’m guessing, click Trade again. And that probably flashes the orders.

Yep. So let’s process them. And yeah, you can see here that those two that we just did were losing trades. So that’s the Markets World trading platform.

The bonuses, or the positives, are very, very high returns, of up to 95% percent. And the other unique thing is you can deposit from as low as $5. And they do offer a 100% bonus up to $300.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Lamictal Rash

As folks with mental health issues – whether they be depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, before play check online casinos reviews for New Zealand addiction or whatever – we are very familiar with “personal life issues.”

Personal life issues are those events in life that arent related to your job, the support group you fostered, or the fundraiser you volunteered to facilitate. Personal life issues are those events that demand immediate attention and take you away from such responsibilities. They may or may not be related to your mental health. A personal life issue may be a manic episode thats crept up on you, or it may be a death in the family. Your personal life issue may even be the arrival of a loved ones personal life issue. It may not be your problem, per se, but because its your mothers, your husbands, or your childs problem, it involves you.

Ive recently been slammed with a personal life issue, and because of it, Ive had to make a sudden, spurofthemoment move. Moving is stressful enough when its plannedmoving your entire life in one weekend is a miserable, Godforsaken experience!

Im getting settled in the new location; however, in the midst of packing, moving, unpacking, and sorting through everything I didnt put it storage that actually needs to go in storage, Ive become isolated. In the midst of that activity, Ive no longer been focused on regular responsibilities such as work. Ive no longer been surrounded by the same people or the samegrind.” My routine has changed. The little calendar I keep in my brainthe one that keeps record of what work project is due when, what appointment is scheduled for which dayhas become cloudy.

Fortunately, my brain has welcomed the rest.

Unfortunately, my brain doesnt want to let go of that rest. Ive become isolated from mynorm,” and Ive become comfortable in that isolation. Being away from work and other responsibilities allowed me to focus on the personal life issue at hand, and now that its time to get back into the swing of things, I realize thatbeing away fromthose things has actually turned intobeing isolatedfrom those things.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Lamictal Rash

Back in September, I fired my psychiatrist. After being on Lamictal for a bit over a year, I decided the side effects just weren’t worth the trouble. Too, I was constantly having to change the dosage and play around with the time I took it – neither process helped with the side effects. (Note that I didn’t fire my psychiatrist because of the side effects; I fired him because of the poor advice he offered regarding how I should stop taking the medicine.)

One side effect of Lamictal that I didn’t experience, but others have, is the infamous Lamictal rash. The rash shows up within the first several weeks of taking Lamictal, and good doctors will warn you about this rash and what to look for, as it can sometimes be fatal.

Fortunately, I never developed the rash; however, I have just recently learned that one faithful Mental Health Notes reader, Mechelle, did. She generously agreed to an interview to help others understand this side effect of Lamictal.

When your doctor prescribed Lamictal, how much information did s/he give you about the serious skin reactions that sometimes occur when taking the medication? He was very forthcoming about the rash, and told me to go to the emergency room at the first sign of any irritation.

Although most rashes caused by Lamictal aren’t life-threatening or require hospitalization, did knowing about this possible rash side effect make you hesitant to take Lamictal? No. He said only about 1 in a 1,000 got “the rash”, but that it could be deadly and not to hesitate or even contemplate whether or not it was due to the medication. Just stop the meds and get to the emergency room.