Month: October 2018

Types of Card Players

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– Look at my dhoti first. It is too loose. That’s why I’m not wearing one. Where are the rest of the guys? – I don’t know.

Here they come. – Here they come. Isn’t the bride’s friend too beautiful? Don’t try your luck with her, because I’m going to. Whatever.

– We’ll leave now. You’ll again have to come here tomorrow morning. I suggest you rather stay here.

If we go home now, we can sleep for atleast 4 hours. Why should you sleep, by the way? You aren’t the bride.

To look good in the selfies we click. The only thing they do is eat, sleep, selfies, repeat. Still they use ‘#Fun’. – That’s true. Gauthami hardly answers her phone while Jahnavi is always busy. Haven’t all we friends got together after long?

Alright, fine. What’s the plan for the night then? What’s the point in staying up if all of you are busy with your phones? How shall we pass time? – Shall we play ‘Truth or Dare’? Don’t we know everyone’s secrets here?

No point in playing that. We aren’t kids to play ‘Truth or Dare’. Let’s play Ludo instead. I can’t help your case, buddy.

Shall we play ‘Anthakshari’? – Like we all are fine singers! Come up with something.

I’m already sleepy. That’s why I said we’d leave. I’ll kill you if you fall asleep. What do we do then? I don’t know how to play cards. – Hell with this guy.

You don’t even know how to wear a dhoti. Yet you are wearing it, right? A note to all you guys before we begin the video. I’m totally against the idea of gambling. The game of cards depicted in the video is the one played between friends and relatives when they all get together for weddings, festivals or other events. So, this is a just a light hearted take of it.

Each will have 13 cards. Drop your 14th card with its face down and call for ‘show’. Simple.

I’ve a doubt. Value of Ace can be 1 or even 14. Why is it so?

What is the rule on natural sequences? How many ‘lives’ are a must? One would do, right? Can we use a joker in a natural sequence? What is the rule on the colour of the triplets? I’m ready to call ‘show’.

But I’ve an extra card. Why? Sit, Ganesh. – I won’t sit next to him. Let’s switch.

But why? – I never win if I sit next to him. Stop kidding.

– Shut up and switch places, idiot. Idiot? Why did she call me that? What did you drop?

– Five of Diamonds. Hurry up. – I am. You are boring us to death by keeping us waiting. Just a minute, Jahnu.

– Your slow play is such a bummer. I feel I need all the cards. – Hurry up and visit online casino for real money.

What a pain.. Which card do you want, darling? I’ll drop that card for you.

I need 4 Clubs. – You need 4 cards? No.

I meant 4 of Clubs. He just won’t drop it. Drop which ever cards she wants. – Sure.

Sure. Darling, we’ll play the next game together. Give me a minute. Are you done? Are you done?

Do you have a ‘Joker‘? Even you didn’t get the ‘Joker’? Who else has it then? You’ve got all the ‘Jokers’, didn’t you? If you are done, give me a hint.

I’ll quit this round. Bro, all I need is an Ace. Please, bro. Did I win this round? Or didn’t I? I guess I won it.

Please check. Check if I’ve won this round. Here are two triplets. Here is a natural sequence. Are you sure I’ve won it. – Yes, you have.

I guess I’ve won it. You’ve dropped the ‘Joker’. You can’t take back dropped cards. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’.

– Rule is a rule. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’. I’ve got 4 ‘Jokers’. It’s your turn.

Shuffle and distribute the cards. Sure. Hurry up, will you?

What are you even doing? – I’m almost done. Give it to me. I’ll do it. Can’t you even shuffle cards? This card goes here.

– I should get the first card. Just swap these two cards. – I’ll rather do it again. Jahnu.. – Yes? – Your turn it is. You are done with yours?

– Of course, I am. Which card did you drop? – Number six. Six of what?

– Six of hearts. Red heart or black heart? – Are you even interested? If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

– I dropped six of hearts. I don’t want that. Pick one up from the pack. I suggest you quit your game and get back to your phone.

I’m playing, am I not? I am a multi-tasker. I don’t want this either. I know you wouldn’t need it, since you dropped all your diamonds. Guys, it is ‘Show’ time.

Wait. You don’t even have a ‘life’. How could you win the round? Show me your cards. I-I am sorry.

I’m sorry. It is a wrong call. No.

You are out. – Give me one last chance, please. Add 80 points to your score. – 80 points! Hell no. Give me one last chance.

– We’ve given you enough already. ‘No one is looking at me. The time is right.’

‘I’ll take out the card and add it to the rest.’ I’ve seen him take a card out of his pocket. Check the total number of cards with him. Let’s just count the number of cards.

W-Well, he gave me all those cards. – Get up. You placed those cards there, didn’t you? I’m innocent. Every time I play cards with friends and family these kinds of scenes come alive. Let me know in the comments section if you too were in the same situations.

Ganesh, look there. Look at me. I deserve this piece of chicken more than you do. Whatever. You know the proper etiquette of eating biryani?

The first time you eat biryani, eat it like it is the last time. The second time you eat biryani, eat it with more vigour than the first time. Continue this process n number of times.

Chelsea Football Club – Football betting conference 2018

So you’ll often find me talking to you from some sporting venue today is no different, I’m at Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea Football Club and I’m here to go to another one of these exhibitions. You very often see me going to, and the exhibition today is betting on football. It’S a very niche exhibition, high ticket price. It’S not something that you tend to see appetize, that much but yeah, I’m gon na go inside. Have a few meetings.

Have a few discussions? Take things from there, Jamie retina is even on their radar; no, no! No! No! No!

No! No! I hope that the people I spoke with del piero. He knew all about it and he was also interested in doing it. Everybody sees the possibility to help these players to get you know to get it out of the you know that stinky room to play all the time and make it more serious.

That’S the reason why we get involved so I’ve come into one of the corporate hospitality or the boxes at Stamford Bridge here, and so, if you’re a football fan, you can have a look and see what the pitch looks like from this particular angle. Now, because of the lighting, I couldn’t get me in the shots and the pitch, so I filmed the pitch separately on a fill-in shot and what I’m going to do now on this part of the video is just pan across there, so that you can have a Look at the pitch – I have been here before actually for Champions League matches and a couple of other matches in the Premier League in other tournaments as well, but this is the first time that I’ve actually been in one of the little boxes here now. Obviously, there’s no football going on, but it’s interesting to have a look and compare it to other areas that I’ve been to, but actually Stamford Bridge has always felt rather small to me, but obviously space is at a huge premium in this part of London.

So it sort of been built up around the old ground, and I I went to the old ground many many years ago as a Southampton fan anyhow. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of what it looks like and the pitch and what the view looks like from this particular area of Stamford Bridge now the actual conference itself is mainly business-to-business as I’ve mentioned, and therefore it’s probably not of that much interest to A lot of people on the other side of the industry. However, I look at it with with two different hats on really I’m here to talk to other people, and most of these conferences are about that. It’S an opportunity for everybody to get in the room at the same time. Discuss things. Do deals, discuss what they’re going to do this year.

An issue is quite critical in terms of its the World Cup, so the betting on Football Conference this year has much more significance because of the World Cup. So I’m looking at analytics, I’m looking at a data provision, I’m looking at all of those sort of things. Just to see a is there some benefit in some of the services they’re being offered and B. Is it something that you know I may be able to negotiate into potential at sample in the future?

I’M always on the outlook for that now generally, the cost of these sort of things is absolutely prohibitive to anything that we do with betangel we’d be talking. We’D have to raise the fees for Bettinger to about a thousand pounds per user or something to be able to get on some of these feeds or some of this data. However, it’s worth having the discussion, you never know what could happen and from a personal perspective, you know that sometimes there are interesting products that are coming out or do to come out. There will influence the way that people BET or trade, so I’m always interested in the industry from that perspective as well, so anyway, lots of meetings to do and hopefully I’ll that’s. Given you a bit of an insight as to what this conference is all about, and also giving you the chance to see what Stafford bridge looks like from the inside, you