Spend $1 Billion Dollars In 24 Hours or Lose It All

For added incentive, if you fail the challenge the money goes to an organization dedicated to kicking kittens- and 1 billion will buy a lot of innocent kittens to kick, so you better not fail. You can’t give any of the money away as a donation or gift, it has to be spent on something that’s just for you or perhaps you and a few friends at max. So no copping out by buying the entire Infographics Show staff 50 million dollar gift cards to In and Out- which of course we know you would do because you love us and In and Out is pretty much the best. So, time to get greedy- much like the late and great Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions, the clock is ticking and time is running out. Without further adieu here’s our purchases- think you can do better?

Stay tuned and then give us your list in the comments! 1. Naturally the first thing most people are going to think about is buying a home- real estate is a solid investment after all and there’s quite a few very hefty cash sinks that can quickly eat up a billion dollars. But why start at a home? We’ve got a billion dollars- it’s time to think bigger.

Like private island big. All the open space you could want, no neighbors whatsoever to worry about, and no pesky home owner’s association telling you to take down your Halloween decorations because it’s April- Halloween is a year-round celebration, or at least it should be. And with your own private island, it will be. The United Arab Emirates offers a wide variety of artificially built islands all for sale, and with Al Marjan Island up for grabs at $462,000,000, that’s an easy get that takes care of nearly half your budget.

The island features an airstrip, several beaches, and power provided from the mainland. Truly a picturesque and perfect man-made paradise, with just one slight catch- it’s located at the very tip of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and if you thought your current neighbors were a pain, just imagine having Iran as your next door neighbor barely 100 miles away. With constant threats against shipping in the Persian Gulf from Iran, Al Marjan Island may not be the safest place to live. But for now it’s a sunny island paradise and next door to beautiful Dubai- so much like America in the 2016 election, we’re just going to go with it. What’s the worst that could happen?

That takes care of $462,000,000 and leaves us with $538 million to go! 2. We just bought a private island in a potential war zone, so naturally the next thing we need to do is make sure our little slice of heaven is well protected. Normal security isn’t going to cut it though, after all you have an entire island to defend against one of the region’s most formidable militaries. It’s time to hire the best- or at least the most controversial and brutal- it’s time for Blackwater.

Made notorious after reports of their cowboy attitude and disregard for civilian collateral damage during their involvement in Iraq, Blackwater security changed its name to Academi- which we guess sounds less… thuggish? Well, at $1,222 a day, these guys aren’t going to be sitting around reading books. But to defend an island the size of Al Marjan, you’re going to need at least let’s say, 2 platoons of hired killers- or 60 mercenaries total.

That’s brings total cost to about $73,000 per day, or 2 million per month. With potentially two years left in Donald Trump’s presidency, and a possible re-election after that, let’s go ahead and secure a six year contract to make our new home safe, which brings the total to: $158 million. But hey, you can’t put a price on safety, and you’ll be keeping Blackwater employees too busy to be shooting innocent civilians, which is borderline charity but we’ll let this one pass.

That brings our total expenses to $620,000,000, leaving us with $380,000,000. 3. We’ve got our own island, and we’ve got our own bloodthirsty crew of hired mercenaries to stop anyone from getting on that island we don’t want there. Now it’s time to build a home, somewhere modest and cozy where we can lay our head after a long day being grateful war with Iran hasn’t broken out yet. Maybe something like… the Playboy Mansion Sadly if you’re a fan of the late Heffner’s, his home has already sold for $100,000,000, which was half of the original asking price. But why not just build your own?

Current construction costs in Dubai range from 6500 to 8000 Emirati Dirhams per square foot- which is about $1770 to $2178 US. Let’s say you want to recreate the Playboy Mansion on your new island- we’re pretty sure homes aren’t copyrighted- just how much would that cost? The original bunny house is 20,000 square feet, and let’s say you do like most builders in Dubai and use cheap foreign labor from east asia whom you pay slave wages to while treating them like actual slaves- including stealing their passports and threatening to imprison them if they complain about working 12 plus hours in 120 degree heat! So let’s go with the low end estimate of 6500 Dirhams per square footage, or $1770 US.

That’s going to cost you a whopping $35,400,000 for your own Hugh Heffner digs, but who can put a price on home? That brings our new total to $655,400,000, leaving us with $344,600,000. 4. We’re going to need a way to get to our fancy new digs all the way in Dubai, so we’ll be skipping the fancy car.

Remember how our island came with a private landing strip? That’s right- it’s time to buy our own jet. But not just any jet, we want a jet with class, style, and some history behind it-so we’re going to buy Donald Trump’s Boeing 757, selling at 100 million dollars. While a regular Boeing 757 can fit 200 ‘normals’, Trump has had his refurbished to accommodate only 23 human beings who fly through the air in the lap of gold-encrusted luxury.

With two bedrooms- which we’ll be immediately sanitizing- a private guest room- also sanitizing- a dining room, and a video room with a built-in cinema system, you’ll be getting to your island home in absolute style. Flying ain’t cheap though, and Trump’s operating cost used to run at $10,800 per flight hour which includes crew and fuel- so to make sure you can keep your jet operational let’s go ahead and contract out enough fuel and crew for at least 300 flight hours, for a total cost of 3,240,000. Combined with the 100 million dollar price tag, that brings the total cost to $103,240,000, making our new total expenses $824,180,000, and leaving us with $175,820,000. 5. Flying is nice, but we feel a call for the open seas, and you’re not really ultra-rich until you own a yacht, right?

Unfortunately with only $175 million left we can’t afford one of the world’s top ten most expensive yachts, but after our purchase of Trump’s old mile-high club air liner, we’re pretty much done with buying used. It’s time to buy new. Per Forbes, building a yacht used to cost about $1,000 per meter 100 years ago, but that price has now ballooned to a whopping $1,000,000 per meter. Then of course there’s the cost of crew and fuel. So let’s go with a more conservative approach and buy ourselves a 170 meter yacht- which is about 15 meters longer than an American AEGIS destroyer! That brings us to a $170,000,000 price tag- but our fancy new yacht, the SS Infographics, isn’t going to go anywhere without crew, insurance and fuel.

Annual fuel costs for a superyacht run about $400,000, with $350,000 in dockage fees if you choose to dock your yacht in foreign ports, $240,000 for insurance, $1,000,000 for maintenance, and $1,400,000 for crew salaries. That brings us to 3.39 million, bringing our total cost to $173,390,000. That brings our total expenses so far to $997,570,000. That leaves us with just barely 3.5 million dollars, which lucky for us is just enough to top off our shopping spree with the perfect gift for that special person we’ll be sharing our heavily fortified island home with: a 3.5 million dollar diamond engagement ring from Cartier jewelers.


Hey guys, we’re here for some more jackpots and our first game is gonna be Quick drop! Yup, let’s see if she can get this 1000 ticket jackpot. 

So she has to get all 50 balls into those containers down there. Within the time limit. This is the time limit. She has to do that before that time limit goes down.

Oh that was a close one! She’s doing pretty good right now. She can totally get it if she keeps up this pace she’s gonna get it for sure. She’s got 19 left, she’s almost there! C’mon I want this thousand! Oh, she’s gonna get it, she’s gonna get it, she’s got it.

Oh c’mon! One more! You got it!

Wait, wait, it says you dropped all 50 balls but didn’t count that last one as an entry. Yeah! She’s got it!

Jackpot slots I got it, I got it! She’s got a jackpot, look at it! You got 1000! I just jackpot ed! Oh the tickets are coming out down here.

Look how slow it’s going and it’s like I don’t know how to go fast. Nice! It’s gonna have to get all 1000! Look, 1000 jackpot tickets! So, we’re over here playing Down a Clown and look at these tickets, we’ve been getting a lot of Jackpots.

We’ve been gettin’ jackpot after jackpot and now it’s time to try on this side. Our tickets are still coming out we probably have a thousand to go. That’s like 2000, we ended up getting two more jackpots. Cris is over here playing Gold Fishin’, Gold Fishin’.

She hasn’t been able to get the jackpot yet but I have faith in her. I think she can get it. Oh yeah she got a pink one. A pink one is worth 100.Another pink one!

another pink one. So all she has to getoh and a blue one! All you have to get is, 1000No ,all she has to get is 1010 and she’s at 825. Oh my gosh, it’s like her forth attempt but it’s still cool if she gets it. You still have five balls. You have five balls.

Make anotheryes, you got it!I got it! You got it, you got 500 tickets!

She’s just throwing all the balls now. Throw them all in there! Woo! [Laughter]Awesome!I think that’s the last ball.

It gave you a total of 1275 and you got it! It’s going crazy, you got it Cris! How do you feel?Awesome!Her tickets are coming out! Nice, that another 500 tickets for us.

Angel wants to try and get a jackpot too. So let’s see if he can get a 500 jackpot. Oh that was close! Oh, he got a pink one!

Oh, woo! Those things are really bouncy!I need a blue one.Aw man, they’re goin crazy!  You can’t reach the ball! Oh man!

Oh you got the middle!I got the middle but I still didn’t get it in.Oh that sucks but you still got 60! And of course Angel has to get the jackpot on Crossy Road, which he has completed the achievement. 200 he has to beat and he’s already at 214.Let’s see how much I can get.

Yeah, Let’s see how much you can get. You’re doing good!There’s no point in showing all the rest, right? Yeah. And we didn’t want to bore you guys.Yeah, we didn’t want to bore you guys. So, we just started recording when he was close to getting it.

Oh, he makes me so nervous on this game.I get anxiety too.You get anxiety too?Hey, I got the daily high score.Oh you did, the daily high score was 152.

Oh well, Angel, you beat that.Oh!So I got, 1,290 tickets.

He’s gonna try and get a jackpot on Floppy Tickets. He has to beat a 94 to get a 1000 jackpot. That’s a lot.That is a ton!

Yeah that’s difficult, we’re not really good at this game either one of us.I think you’re better than I am.I don’t know, I think your high score is like 90 something.It’s actually 80.

Oh 80? I’m not very good either, but I do like to play this game. He’s doing good so far, you got 57. I’m letting him concentrate a little bit. Oh he’s at what, 60? Oh he’s at 70 guys.

He’s doin’ good, oh goodness. Oh goodness. Oh goodness.

You’re almost there Angel!I know! I got it!Oh my gosh he got it!

I got it!Oh my god! He’s past 94, he’s still going!Still going I never did this good!You never done that good!

I never did that good!Oh my gosh, do we get 1124? Angel wants to win the jackpot at Kung Fu Panda Another 1000 if we can.A thousand tickets jackpot. Can he do it?

I don’t know! The first level is always so easy. You’re doing good!That one’s always easy. Yeah, that one’s too easy for you.

What is that?That’s what he does!Okay, okay whatever. Second round you have to break 25 targets.

You’re doing good so far. He’s at 16! Oh my god you barely made it!

That was all for the camera.That was all for showOkay, let’s see how many you have to break. How many dumplings34 dumplings! Are you gonna be able to do it? We’ll see! Show us what you got pork chop!

Whoa! Come on little kung fu panda! Show us what you’re workin’ with. Bah boom! Oh he missed one. Hurry Angel, Hurry!

Ugh, he missed one!I missed one, I missed one. Oh I gotta try again.He’s back on the third level. 34 dumplings Angel!

Show us what you can do little pork chop panda! Oh he’s getting close. Six seconds.

C’mon Angel, c’mon little pork chop. Three more! Three more! Oh no!Not sure if Cris is gonna can get a jackpot on this but Full Tilt gonna give it a try.

So she basically has to tilt the ball down to the bottom level and try to get to that 860. Nope, she got 15 that time. Maybe she’ll get it this time. Try again, and try not to get 15 tickets! The jackpot’s a drop right in the middle.

So, she gonna start over, the ball drops in three, two, one! There it is, there it is. Oh, Oh! Oh that was so close to the jackpot!

Look how small the jackpot is compared to those.I know!It’s like not even gonna go in there. But you goin’ to try again!Woo! I like that sound it makes.

It goes Woo! Oh there it goes, It’s goin’. It’s goin’. It’s goin’!

Oh it bounced off of it!I know, I seen it!Aw, try it one more time. This is gonna be the last time, I hope she gets it. I hope she gets it.

It’s gonna drop in three, two, one!Woo, I like that sound. There it goes.

Oh she doesn’t wanna move it. Move it faster!there it goes, there it goes, There it goes, there it goes. Oh it bounced right past it again. Well you got some tickets at least.

Now Cris is gonna try Grand Piano Keys. She has to push those buttons that line up. Oh she messed up already! She normally doesn’t mess up at all on this. Yeah but she has to time it, she has to do them just right with that line up there. Oh twice?

Wow, she never messes up on this I’m surprised she’s messing up. She going too fast for her hands. He brain is going too fast.

She’s at 40 tickets though, that’s still pretty good. Oh! I thought she messed up but she didn’t. It just, froze or something. She got 78 keys!

That’s 52 tickets Cris! Jackpot went up to 622. Angel is focused. Look at that. Look at that focused pork chop.

That’s a focused pork chop right there. Oh that was close and almostOh that’s so close. C’mon you can do it! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! drop ’em, drop ’em, drop ’em!Yes, I got it!

 You got it!I think got it. Wait for it.Let’s wait and see if you got it all the balls will drop.

Yes I got it!622!622, Look at all those things going crazy! Angel’s gonna finish it off here at Galaga Assault, where the jackpot is 500 tickets if he can win it.I’m sure I can.And we hardly ever play this so you have a lot of confidence.

I have a lot of confidence for someone who doesn’t play it, right?Yeah, exactly.I want the extra ship, give it to me!

Okay, I got it.Okay, here’s the extra ship. Now he has two ships, to kill all those things.Hey, where’d the bomb go? I missed it.

Oh cool.Oh there’s the bomb. There’s the bomb.Kill them, kill them, kill them!I didn’t hit the bomb but that’s okay.

Oh okay.Mothership. You’re at 36 tickets so far.Oh wow, really?

Yeah. This is the mothership, if he can kill the mothership he gets the jackpot. Aww!Well I got 38 tickets. Here are all of today’s tickets.

That is a bunch, let’s go see what we have. We ended up with a little over 13,000 tickets so we’re gonna save up our tickets. We decided we’re gonna save up all the tickets, and get something really big like an iPad or something.Yeah.

But today we did get something we got some appetizers! You can use your tickets to get appetizers it was like 750 tickets, so we got some of these, what is this? Like pepperoni pretzel rolls. Yeah, something like that.


MarketsWorld Review | Strategy, Trading

It’s quite exciting. They are the only online broker to offer up to 94% returns. Plus also their minimum deposit is as low as $5. So it’s a great platform to actually– without spending too much money if you want to just try a few trades before you put in a larger deposit. But one thing to keep in mind– if you’re going to put in a low first deposit, they’ll only match your first deposit. So if you put in $5, they’ll give you a $5 bonus.

But if you put in $300 they’ll give you a $300 bonus. So I guess that’s the catch-22. We’re going to basically do some small trades of $1 just to see how the system works, and we’ll be using my free Binary Options strategy.

So we’ll go through the commodities first. And we’ll bring up gold. And we’ll be doing one hour expirys.

So on this particular case we’ll be doing half hour expirys because the session of gold is almost over. So we’ll bring up the gold charts. If you’re familiar with my system you’ll realize that this is on my site on the homepage as a link. And it’s basically just the eToro real time trends analysis.

Well you can see here this is a very, very good bearish trend, so we’ll definitely be trading this one. And so we’ll be putting in a lower call. Our stake will be $1.

And also this is one of the few platforms to offer $1 investments. Which is really good if you just want to get your feet wet before going into larger trades. So we’ll put in a buy.

And that will go through. So you can see it says here if at two o’clock, if gold is lower than this particular value, you will earn 91% of my trade. So– you can obviously– if I put in $100, that would have been a $91 return. And you can see down here in the Active Trades this is pending.

So we’ll go over to the next one, which is oil. And we’ll bring this up on my charts, on the eToro charts. You don’t actually have to use my chart here, you can actually download eToro yourself and have it sitting in another window on your screen. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. You can use metaphor transanalysis. So we’ll bring up oil.

This is a classic neutral graph, which is what we don’t want to trade, as it’s either going to be just continuing on this line– we want to really predict which way the stock is going. So we’ll leave that one alone. We’ll bring up silver.

And we’ll come over to silver. And another very, very bearish chart. So we’ll be trading silver.

And putting a lower call. You’ll notice how different sites have different ways– some call it [INAUDIBLE], some call it high-low. In different countries like Japan, high-low’s very common. This particular software they use high-lower. So putting in a buy call. One interesting fact about Markets World is it’s also a proprietary software platform.

So you won’t find this set-up in any other broker. These guys have actually done their own software, which is quite interesting. So that was at a 90% profit.

So we’ll bring up the AUD/USD currency pair, and we’ll go through and bring up all that. This is probably a bit sideways for my liking, so I’ll leave this one alone. The Euro/Swiss. Euro/Swiss.

Again, very sideways, we’ll leave this one alone. Euro/British pounds. And as you can tell, on many of these binary brokers, is that their actual graph they give is very basic, very rudimentary.

It gives you a bit of a guide at what’s happening, but you’re better off getting your better transanalysis charts and you can really break down into different periods if you really want to see what’s happening on different periods. Obviously for my one-hour system I use the five minute chart. Because I’ll be trading within what’s happening within an hour of a stock. So let’s bring up the Euro/British pounds.

Again, very sideways. All the currencies aren’t doing too much in either direction [INAUDIBLE] a bearish or bullish chart. The Euro– I think this is TRY. I’m actually [INAUDIBLE] come across that one before. I think I have it handy.

TRY? I’ll have to research that myself, what TRY stands for. I’ll bring up the EUR/USD– the EUR/USD, a very popular currency to trade. And, again, very sideways, We’ll leave this one alone.

And the British pound/USD. [INAUDIBLE] British pound, British pound, British pound, where are you? I have gone blank here. Where is it?

Maybe they have it up in [INAUDIBLE]. USD/British pound maybe it is. USD– oh there it is– it’s the very first one.

Sideways again. And lastly the USD/YEN currency pair. And, again, very sideways, so we’re going to be staying away.

There’s no indexes open at the moment. So these are my two trades. So we’ve got 15 minutes until these traits are closed out.

You can see this is why– when I first deposited back on the fourth I actually lost this particular trade. So that’s pretty much Markets World, pretty straightforward. I’ll pause this video and restart it again with about a minute to go, and we’ll see how my trades ended up. So see you soon.

OK, guys we’ve got a minute to go. One comment I would say that’s a negative about Markets World is that you can’t easily tell where your trade is currently sitting. All of the other platforms have very good indicators to see if your trade is either a winning trade or a losing trade. Right now it’s very static, it just says “pending.”

So obviously, when it’s going to be two o’clock in 30 seconds, we’ll see if my trades are winning or losing. I guess you can like– we could bring up silver here and see where the current strike price is. I got in at 32.691, I need it to be lower for it to be a winning trade. So it’s loading up here for some reason.

So it’s 32.720, which would be a losing trade. And for gold, we need it to be lower than 1736.64. And it is right, or no it’s actually above as well, so that would be two losing trades. So it’s past two o’clock, so these trades have now expired. So I don’t think this page auto-refreshes, so you probably have to, I’m guessing, click Trade again. And that probably flashes the orders.

Yep. So let’s process them. And yeah, you can see here that those two that we just did were losing trades. So that’s the Markets World trading platform.

The bonuses, or the positives, are very, very high returns, of up to 95% percent. And the other unique thing is you can deposit from as low as $5. And they do offer a 100% bonus up to $300.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Lamictal Rash

As folks with mental health issues – whether they be depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, before play check online casinos reviews for New Zealand addiction or whatever – we are very familiar with “personal life issues.”

Personal life issues are those events in life that arent related to your job, the support group you fostered, or the fundraiser you volunteered to facilitate. Personal life issues are those events that demand immediate attention and take you away from such responsibilities. They may or may not be related to your mental health. A personal life issue may be a manic episode thats crept up on you, or it may be a death in the family. Your personal life issue may even be the arrival of a loved ones personal life issue. It may not be your problem, per se, but because its your mothers, your husbands, or your childs problem, it involves you.

Ive recently been slammed with a personal life issue, and because of it, Ive had to make a sudden, spurofthemoment move. Moving is stressful enough when its plannedmoving your entire life in one weekend is a miserable, Godforsaken experience!

Im getting settled in the new location; however, in the midst of packing, moving, unpacking, and sorting through everything I didnt put it storage that actually needs to go in storage, Ive become isolated. In the midst of that activity, Ive no longer been focused on regular responsibilities such as work. Ive no longer been surrounded by the same people or the samegrind.” My routine has changed. The little calendar I keep in my brainthe one that keeps record of what work project is due when, what appointment is scheduled for which dayhas become cloudy.

Fortunately, my brain has welcomed the rest.

Unfortunately, my brain doesnt want to let go of that rest. Ive become isolated from mynorm,” and Ive become comfortable in that isolation. Being away from work and other responsibilities allowed me to focus on the personal life issue at hand, and now that its time to get back into the swing of things, I realize thatbeing away fromthose things has actually turned intobeing isolatedfrom those things.

7 Things You Need To Know About The Lamictal Rash

Back in September, I fired my psychiatrist. After being on Lamictal for a bit over a year, I decided the side effects just weren’t worth the trouble. Too, I was constantly having to change the dosage and play around with the time I took it – neither process helped with the side effects. (Note that I didn’t fire my psychiatrist because of the side effects; I fired him because of the poor advice he offered regarding how I should stop taking the medicine.)

One side effect of Lamictal that I didn’t experience, but others have, is the infamous Lamictal rash. The rash shows up within the first several weeks of taking Lamictal, and good doctors will warn you about this rash and what to look for, as it can sometimes be fatal.

Fortunately, I never developed the rash; however, I have just recently learned that one faithful Mental Health Notes reader, Mechelle, did. She generously agreed to an interview to help others understand this side effect of Lamictal.

When your doctor prescribed Lamictal, how much information did s/he give you about the serious skin reactions that sometimes occur when taking the medication? He was very forthcoming about the rash, and told me to go to the emergency room at the first sign of any irritation.

Although most rashes caused by Lamictal aren’t life-threatening or require hospitalization, did knowing about this possible rash side effect make you hesitant to take Lamictal? No. He said only about 1 in a 1,000 got “the rash”, but that it could be deadly and not to hesitate or even contemplate whether or not it was due to the medication. Just stop the meds and get to the emergency room.

Best Forex bonus 2019

To be clear, they give you $30 in BTC of non-withdrawable credit just for you signing up for your first Live Account and you can keep any and all profit you make with it. We didn’t find any info about their regulations or licenses on this broker’s website. Our intent is to let our followers know what is new in the Forex market and what bonuses there are, and the offers or the events they can take advantage of, but we will never promote or suggest you open an account with a broker that is not regulated or licensed. We are only informing you about what these guys offer, but before opening an account with them, we strongly recommend you to take all necessary measures to not lose your money. Going ahead, there are plenty of great Forex bonuses and online casino bonuses we provide this week with WelTrade offering another great 100% bonus to clients deposit, up to $10,000 USD.

The bonus is available for all clients and the only thing you need to do is to make a deposit of no less than $200 USD and the bonus will be automatically granted to you. However, it cannot be withdrawn, just used for trading purposes. You won’t find a link to this broker’s site either, since the company is regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, so a non-EU authority. But let’s change topics and move to the educational side!

As usual, this week is full of stimulating webinars, so let’s take a look at them. As every one of our followers should already know, XM offers webinars in 18 Languages with 36 webinar instructors every week. You can scroll up and down the entire calendar and simply click on the webinar you are interested in to read more about the topic, instructors, time, etcetera.

The webinars are free for all XM clients, so everything you need to do to open an account with them is in the link below or in the one in the video description. Other daily webinars are offered by DailyFX/IG bank at webinars, where you can find a lot of webinars related to market key events or aimed to give you deeper insights into fundamental and technical analysis techniques. To read more info about the topic of the webinar, just click on the “Register now” button and you will get a small summary of the topic and an in-depth presentation of the instructors and their background.

The webinars are free for all IG clients, so everything you need to do to open an account with them can be found in the link below or in the one in the video description. Another interesting webinar on the fundamental analysis is being offered next week by FBS and to take part in it, you’ll need to open an account with this broker. Once again, have the links below.

Those are the interesting events with regards to educational content, but there are some great contests this week instead of that you should take advantage of. We have the Trade Day Forex Weekly Demo Contest, which is an excellent chance for everyone to test their knowledge, acquire new skills, and earn the real prize, which can become your initial deposit or increase your capital. All contests from ContestFX project are held on demo accounts and don’t require any initial investments.

One Day One Chance To Book a Prize! The contest starts every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. and ends every Thursday at 11:59 a.m. All the ContestFX registered clients can take part in the Trade Day contest and challenge to win a $700 to $50 prize depending on the final acquired position. To cash out your bonus, you will then need to trade a required number of lots. Take part in the Forex contest and get real money prizes and bonuses for live trading this week.

Also, join the ForexCup Trading Contest from FXOPEN. Get involved in this weekly and monthly trading contest that is held among demo accounts. Show your trading skills and power and win exciting prizes.

Just open your e-Wallet with FXOpen, download the MT4 and pick the ForexCup Trading contest to take part in. Also, this week you can participate in the cTrader Weekly Demo Contest held by OctaFx and get the chance to win cash prizes. Trade with the cTrader trading platform while chasing the $400 cash prize fund by registering for the contest with OctaFX.

Top 10 Future Video Game Consoles To Prepare For

The future of game consoles is an interesting one. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said that the future of gaming depends on a software platform’s ability to, I quote, “service developers need to serve an ongoing set of users,” commenting on how games like https://casinoslots-ie.com/joycasino, GTA V and Destiny are the kinds that players keep returning to. And that consoles need to keep up with the demand for this longevity. On the other hands, others think consoles will fall in line with the speedy releases of tech like the iPhone.

Regardless of what you believe, there’s definitely lots of talk about the kinds of consoles we’ll one day see on our store shelves. So today, we’re bringing you our top 10 future video game consoles to prepare for the list.

10 iPhone X Let’s start this list off with one that you’ve probably heard a lot of buzzes about but wouldn’t necessarily consider a console. But, maybe you should. Research firm Newzoo reported that 2016 was the first time in history that mobile game sales accounted for more revenue than console game sales. Mobile games made up for $36.9 billion dollars of sales, while console had $29 billion.

Apple is constantly trying to one-up the rest of the mobile phone industry – and, even if you’re an Android fan, you can’t deny they’ve done a good job at pushing the boundaries of what a mobile device can do, especially with gaming. And now with major strides in AR gaming, the A11 Fusion CPU and a bigger, sharper screen to display your pocket gameplay, the iPhone X is definitely a contender when it comes to playing games on the go. 9 Fove O So, this one is cheating slightly. Since you can actually purchase it now.

But it’s brand spanking new, and will likely have more versions of it come out over the next few years. So needless to say, VR is picking up steam in the gaming world, and there’s been some pretty impressive innovations over the last several years. The Fove O is a solid example of this. Unlike the Oculus Rift and Playstation VR – both consoles we’ll get back to a little later on – this little guy has special eye tracking technology. This means games played on it can be more responsive to your eye lines, and allow for a sense of depth of field.

It’s currently adaptable to VR applications from Unity, Unreal Engine and CryEngine. 8 SteamOS Venturing into VR? While Steam Machines – the PCs equipped with Valve’s linux-based SteamOS system – really didn’t take off – less than 500,000 were sold back in June 2016, only a year after it’s initial release – that doesn’t mean the OS is entirely dead. There has been talk about a future in more SteamOS titles, and more interestingly, SteamOS being used for VR. Earlier this year Valve launched SteamVR support for Linux, making it possible for developers to create Linux games for the Vive, but the prospect of having a specially designed Steam Machine to incorporate VR is still pretty up in the air.

7 PlayStation VR follows up Many think that a follow up to Sony’s PS VR should be expected sometime in 2018.

And according to a patent that Sony filed in the past year, some think that this new version of their VR system may have a wireless tracking device that connects to the PS4 through Bluetooth or wifi. Currently, the PSVR uses a camera to detect light from the headset, and what this patent hints to is the use of an external projector that makes use of lights and mirrors to map the players real-world movements. Which just means mobility wise, it would enhance the shit out of your gaming experience, allowing you to do way more. 6 HTC Vive 2 Rumours are already swirling about a follow up to the Vive headset, codename Oasis.

While not much is known about this, many tech experts have speculated that this version of the headset would be significantly cheaper due to new base stations, and considering the first headset came out in 2016, it is not likely we’ll see this follow up anytime soon. In the meantime, there has been work on new Vive controllers that contain 21 sensors, and an audio strap similar to what the Oculus Rift currently has. 5 Windows Mixed Reality Headsets This headset is Microsoft’s attempt at creating more affordable yet high-end VR tech, which means a mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality. Synced up with your PC, the Windows Mixed Reality has a pair of depth-sensing cameras on its front, which lets users have room-scale tracking without having to place a bunch of sensors around the room.

The headsets themselves are collaborations with third parties like Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo, and Asus, which is the coolest looking one of the bunch. The aim is to eventually have the Windows Mixed Reality capable of using pass-through cameras to map out the space you’re in and insert holograms, but for now, the system is a bit more skewed towards VR than AR.

4 Oculus Rift 2.0 Owned by Facebook, the Oculus Rift is probably the most prominent virtual reality headset to date. It’s a versatile system that does much more than just gaming – Oculus Medium allows you to do some really impressive stuff with it.

And there’s a whole social component, too. But that being said, it’s safe to say we won’t see an Oculus Rift 2.0 anytime in the near future. Mainly because of how adaptable the current Oculus Rift is, and how development keeps moving forward with the software.

The company has stated that “someone who buys a rift today has years of enjoyment in front of them.” One thing that could change this is the need to develop eye-tracking software into the program since the rift currently doesn’t have a camera system inside of it.

3 Xbox 2 Confirmed by Phil Spencer, the Xbox Two is projected to have more of an emphasis on ‘gaming in the cloud’. Which is something that many people think Microsoft, given it’s overall experience as a company, would excel in. What do we hope to see with this new Xbox 2?

Much better graphics. The Xbox one sort of dropped the ball with this, and for fans to want to invest in an Xbox 2, it would require the console to be compatible with both 4k resolution and virtual reality gaming. Which is something the Xbox One X is supposed to debut in terms of native 4k gaming? The rough estimate release date is November 2020.

2 Xbox One X Speaking of the Xbox One X, it’s hitting store shelves in November of 2017.

Many see this system as a way for Microsoft to test out how successful the console will be, and whether or not the unicorn that is Xbox 2 will move forward. So, aside from making 4k gaming possible on an Xbox console, what else does the one x bring to the table? Microsoft confirmed that it will be compatible with AR and VR headsets, but not much aside that is known concerning this advancement.

1 PlayStation 5 Ah yes, the inevitable, considering the success of the PS4.With the release of the PS Pro, many have speculated that we won’t see a PS5 until closer to 2019.

Fair. And Sony hasn’t actually said much about a follow-up console – at the time of this recording. So hey, if its the future and this has been announced, well, damn you lucky fools. There’s been speculation that the natural progression is to innately incorporate PS VR into the system, along with a solid hardware revision in order to provide gamers with an experience that competitors would be very challenged with providing. And there’s a whole hell of a lot of amazing games lined up for the PS4, so similar to how the PS4 was launched with remastered versions of hits like GTA V and the last of us, we can only expect that a new generation console would likely provide the same luxuries.

Things to do in South Africa

When one thinks of South Africa safaris, wine tours and Cape Town may initially come to mind. Although these are some of the biggest draws for tourists the country has so much more to offer. Join us as we present to you our 20 day adventure going from Johannesburg all the way to Cape Town. Some of the top travel highlights included a Kruger National Park safari, hiking along the Wild Coast, canoeing in Wilderness and climbing mountains in Northern Drakensberg. In terms of our taste buds we tried Biltong for the first time and devoured South African barbecue – better know as Braai – on more than one occasion.

There are few countries that are as unique and diverse as South Africa. Come find out what makes it shine. This is South Africa! Our first full day in South Africa started with a long drive from Johannesburg towards Kruger National Park. Even though our safari wouldn’t begin until the following day we enjoyed some great views of the countryside and even visited a wildlife rehabilitation center. Okay, so we’ve been driving all morning.

We’ve actually been up since five AM and we are finally stopping for lunch. We’re taking a little break. And yeah, we’re just going to enjoy a meal before we continue on towards the park. Alright, so our meal has arrived.

What are we having? We’re having a Fred Flinstone portion of ribs. Take a look at this.

This is enormous. Ready to dig in! And we’re sharing this.

There is no way I could eat this all by myself. Especially after being in a bus all day. Alright, Fred Flinstone. And the only way to eat these properly is with your hands. Those are pretty good ribs.

Okay, so this afternoon we are visiting the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. We are going to be visiting some animals and just learning about the rehabilitation effort that is going on here. And yeah, let’s go have a look around. Some of the main reasons for rescues include animals being affected by power-lines, snares and also poisoning. It was awesome to see all of the animals but the honey badger truly stole the show.

Okay, so today is the big day. Yesterday afternoon we reached the outskirts of Kruger National Park and today we’re actually going in to spot some of the wildlife. So we’re going in for a sunrise drive. It is really earlier.

It is about 5:15 am right now. We’re going to head into the park and – yeah – it is safari time! Okay, so we finally reached the park and I’m going to give you a little tour of our cool truck for the day. Come on over.

Come on in. Make that big climb up there. Yeah, I’m in. One thing that totally surprised me was just how close we got to the lions. I think it was only about 10 meters away from the road. So they were really docile and the lioness was just sleeping and cleaning its cubs and in the back there was the big alpha male just stretching and yawning.

It was surreal. So that’s been an amazing safari so far. It is only 10 in the morning and we’ve already seen more wildlife than I ever imagined. We saw lions, elephants, wildebeest. Oh, gosh more than I can even remember.

Yeah, it was amazing and we were able to get up close and have a good look at them. So it has been so much fun. So tell us what happened to you at lunchtime today? So the most ridiculous thing happened to me during lunch.

A bird shit right here. It ricochet of off my shoulder all the way down to here. And while I was still recovering from the shock from that another bird shitted on this side. So I got hit on both shoulders but apparently if a bird shits on you it is good luck.

So I have a double dose of good luck. Maybe that means I’m going to see cheetahs this afternoon. Woo hoo! Right now we’re visiting a private game reserve to see even more cool wildlife.

And what caught us for a total surprise is that we saw so many giraffes. Apparently this is the most giraffes have ever been spotted out here. So we saw them walk right in front of our vehicle and we even saw a couple of them fighting. They were swinging their heads at each other. It was completely bonkers. Yeah, so overall it has been an amazing day.

We saw more animals than we ever expected. And what a beautiful way to wrap up the day. Now we’re just going to watch the sunset, drink some wine and enjoy some cheese. And do it all over again tomorrow.

Okay, so it is day two on safari and we are heading back to Kruger National Park. The focus today is going to be to find animals like being around the water. So we’re going to be visiting a watering hole maybe seeing some buffalo, some hippos and we’ll see what else we can find. So again, it’s an early start. It’s around five thirty in the morning and we’re going to head on out there. So far, so good as far as the weather today.

It looks like we’re going to have a lot better visibility. We had an amazing sunrise to witness this morning. But it is chilly and so we’re all bundled up. It’s a lot colder than it was yesterday but the sun is coming out. We actually had a little bit of drizzle yesterday, so it’ll be warmer. Just waiting for it to get warmer.

And I think we’re going to have even better visibility for photos and video in terms of taking shots of the animals. So, exciting stuff! Okay, so a pretty cool morning so far. We managed to spot the ever elusive leopard.

So that was pretty cool. And we also saw a heard of elephants that were just crossing the road. There was about fifteen or twenty of them, so that was also a pretty impressive sight. One of the coolest things that I’ve seen today was at a watering hole. There was a crocodile and it was waiting for an impala to drink.

And it was so close to attacking it. Like we almost saw this ridiculous crazy scene. Anyways, the crocodile was unsuccessful and it ended up attacking another crocodile. And we captured a bit of that footage.

One safari tip to consider is to dress with all kinds of layers. This morning it was freezing. I had on a fleece, I had on a windbreaker and now by the afternoon I’m peeling down to just this tiny kind of athletic shirt. And you’ve got thick jogging pants on. Yeah, so I wish I had shorts right now for that.

Alright, so we are wrapping up our second day of safari. We’re going to be heading to the campgrounds soon and we’re going to have our first braai for dinner and apparently that is South African barbecue so it should be tasty. Alright, so this morning we are in Drakensberg. That means the dragon’s mountain. And we’re going to be doing a bit of a hike on a stretch that is called the Amphitheatre.

And yeah, the Drakensberg are actually the border between South Africa and Lesotho. So that is a pretty cool little fact. We’ve been told to prepare for any kind of weather. It could be sunny.

It could be rainy. It could be snowing any minute. So we’re ready for some adventure.

Let’s go hiking! I’ve really been enjoying the views so far. I would classify this as a lower-intermediate hike. It is not for people who really have a fear of heights.

There are some vertical parts where you have to go up ladders and down ladders. And that part would be a deal breaker for some people. But as far as the views and just the actual hike itself it is really enjoyable. So this is actually one of the ladders that you have to climb down on the way back. And I believe there are two sets of ladders to deal with.

So something to consider if you are afraid of heights. We’ve actually decided to just stay back and enjoy a very relaxed lunch because neither Sam nor I enjoy heights and this was making us a little bit nervous. But everyone else was very adventurous, very brave so you can give it a try if you come out here. Okay, so now it is time for lunch.

Woo! Alright, so we are coming to the end of our hike here in Drakensberg. And even though we didn’t reach the top it was still an incredible trip. Like it was so scenic, so beautiful, so I’m glad we came. And if you find yourself traveling through South Africa definitely consider this region. So, good morning.

Today we are in Northern Drakensberg. We’ve been staying at a really cool hostel called Amphitheater backpackers. And they have a little hike that you can do just outside of their property. So we’re just over at the gate right now. We’re going to head out and do a little bit of exploring on foot.

It’s a beautiful morning. We witnessed the most amazing sunrise yet again. And now it is time for a bit of exercise. We’re at a crossroads over here.

Big tree this way. Big Dam that way. Oh, which way will we go?

Okay, this way. It is decided. Big tree. This is like falling the yellow brick road. Come on, sing it for us. Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road. So we are at an another crossroads. We can go towards the airstrip or towards the river.

I think we’re going to choose the river just because it is starting to get really hot. I’ve already started taking off several layers. And we’re running out of time.

And some water would be nice. I really enjoyed this walk. Sometimes it is great to just get off of the beaten track once in a while and just relax.

And that concludes our little walk around. I think it is time for a cold beer. Okay, so a new country, a new taste test. We are in South Africa right now and you can’t come to this country and not try Biltong.

So that is what I have right here in this brown paper bag. So Biltong is a dried cured meat similar to beef jerky and this is what it looks like. So we got ourselves some beef biltong but apparently you can get different kinds of meats.

Like game meat or ostrich. This is cow. And it is quite hard and chewy but it makes a really nice snack, so let’s say you’re riding the bus or going on a really long trip it is kind of nice to just have a bag full and be munching away.

That’s what we have been doing for the past few days. So for me Biltong is kind of like premium jerky. And there is three key differences. First off, it is sliced a lot thicker.

Secondly, they use vinegar in the curing process along with salt and pepper. Which is a little bit different from regular jerky which doesn’t have any vinegar whatsoever. And the third key difference is Biltong is not smoked whereas jerky is. Okay, so the purchasing process?

What was awesome is that we went into a kind of like what would be considered a deli that specialized in Biltong. And when we went in there was all of these different kinds of dried meat hanging up in different sections. There was one that was game meat, there was one that was regular, there was a premium kind. I can’t remember but there was a forth kind as well.

And anyways, what you would do is pick this meat off of a hook and bring it over to these ladies who would then put it through a grinder and it would go into this bag like that. So it was a really cool to be right there involved in the process. And it just made it a lot more special. And the other thing that I really noticed that was a big difference is that the quality of the actual meat itself is a lot better than what comes from say packaged pre-packed stuff you would find in a store.

So the word Biltong. What does it mean? I actually had to look this up but now I can tell you. So ‘Bil’ apparently comes from the Dutch word for rump and ‘Tong’ means strip or tongue.

But contrary to popular belief Biltong is not made from bull’s tongue, so don’t be afraid to try it because of that. What have you got in your hand over there? Okay, and last but not least we have something called Cabanossi which kind of looks like a dried pepperoni stick. We also picked this up at the same store we got the Biltong. So I’m going to try that.

Yeah, so it is kind of like a greasy salami stick. Again, chewy, salty, flavorful. I think it makes a great snack. Which one do you like better? Or do you like them both? I do like them both but this reminds me of salami or like a pepperoni stick so it is something I am familiar with.

So I quite enjoy the flavor. One more bite. So when you’re visiting South Africa, unless of course you’re a vegetarian, be sure to try Biltong.

I swear it is pretty much addicting. I can’t seem to stop myself over here. Okay, so we are continuing our trip across South Africa. Right now we’ve arrived in the Wild Coast and we’re staying at a cool hostel called The Wild Lubanzi which is just off in the distance over there. And apparently there is a really cool hike we can do from here, so we’re heading to a place called Hole In The Wall. It should take us about an hour and a half, so let’s get going.

So we’ve climbed the top of the hill and this is probably the best vantage point we’ve had all day. So we’ve arrived at the Hole In The Wall and as the name suggests it is just a hole right in front of the surface. So we’ve been befriended by a local who has offered to show us around. So far he has taken us to the Hole In The Wall which was amazing.

And now apparently we’re off to visit his house. So we’re just following him. So our little guided tour through the villages is now over and we’re trying to find our way back. We have a general idea of where we need to go, so let’s hope we get back in time for lunch. Sleep kitties.

Sleepy kitties. Sleepy kitties. Open your eyes.

Alright, so we are continuing our South Africa road trip. Right now we are staying in Chintsa at Buccaneers Lodge and we’ve got some fantastic views of the beach happening. So we’re just going to be relaxing here for the next few days enjoying some downtime, some beach time and right now we’re going to give you a little tour.

Today we have a horse riding adventure coming up so we’re just going to meet our horses and get geared up and get ready to go. Apparently, we’re going down to the beach so it should be fun. Alright, so this is my horse over here. It’s name is Sisci.

You’re very sweet. It seems gentle enough. So that has been a really fun ride so far. We’re down at the beach right now and we’ve been trotting with the horses.

My knees are feeling a little bit wobbly now that I’m off the horse but it has been a really good time. And also what’s funny is getting to see the horses personalities. I have one that loves to eat. And it just keeps stopping to munch on grass. And Sam has a horse that is very itchy and likes to scratch his butt against branches and trunks and anything it finds. And my horse doesn’t get along with three other ones.

Yeah. So this morning we are in Wilderness and we’ve decided to do a bit of canoeing. We’re out on the water now and it is a beautiful day, so we’re just going to be traveling upstream and maybe doing a little bit of hiking later.

So we’ve done a lot of kayaking before together but this is our very first time to canoe. And it is definitely a little bit more stable. Part of that has to do with the canoe being wider than a kayak. The other part has to do with just these waters. They couldn’t be any more calmer. I know, it is like being on a mirror.

Seriously. Look at that. Hardly any waves or ripples. Here comes another one. If you see another one come by let me know.

Alright, so we’re coming up on a little rope bridge. We’re just going to canoe right under it. Okay, so that is as far as we can get on our canoes. We are going to be hiking the rest of the way. Get moving.

Hahaha. Alrighty, so we’re off the river now and we’re going to be doing a bit of hiking. We’ve got our little maps so hopefully we won’t get too lost.

Yeah, let’s head in to the unknown. I think a lot of people who come to South Africa have this type of image of the landscape being completely barren and dry. Kind of just safari land. But there is so much diversity here. And this is a really good example.

We’re now walking through a lush rain forest. Let’s go. I seriously have no idea what animal that was.

But it was very cute. So I think we’re getting closer to the waterfalls. I can hear them off in the distance. And this looks like a bit of a different path so let’s go.

Well, well, I don’t know if you can hear that but it sounds like we made it to the waterfalls. So we’re almost there just follow me a bit longer. We’ll show you the water. And we made it! So we’re now on our way back. We saw the waterfalls and we’re heading back to find our canoes.

And we met a few travelers along the way. A few hikers who are also making their way to the waterfall. And they asked us, you know, how far to get there?

And it made me realize that Canadians are some of the only people who measure distances based on time. How long it takes to get there. They are asking us how many kilometers.

How many miles? And that is such a typical question but a Canadian will tell you like 10 or 15 minutes or so. Yep, that’s us. Well Hello from South Africa.

We just finished raiding a supermarket where we picked up as many South African snacks as we could. We grabbed chips, chocolate bars, soda drinks and we’re going to try them all for you. So this is our South African taste test. So over here I’ve got myself Nik Naks.

It’s a maize snack and I think the packaging looks great. Have a look in the bag. Those kind of look like cheesies. They look like cheese puffs and they taste like cheese puffs. It’s very airy and crunchy.

It’s a nice light snack. Good snack for the road. I’m giving it the thumbs up. Road tripping snack. I’m trying here the Chocolate Log.

And I have a feeling, oh yeah, it is a marshmallow on a crispy wafer. I wonder if it is going to taste a bit like a wagon wheel or a krembo. Show us the bar. What does it look like?

Yeah, we’ve got the crunchy part on the bottom and we’ve got the marshmallow in the middle. That is a really really good bar. Mmm. Yum.

So this one looks interesting. It is really similar to the Mars bars that we have in North America. Even the packaging and the color on the packaging is quite similar. But this is called Now. Eat it now!

Now! Chocolate now! I wonder if it will be a similar filling. It looks similar too. It’s got caramel and how do you call it, nougat?

Chocolate. Yeah, you know what, this to me tastes just like a Mars Bar. Just different name, that is all it is. Yeah, good stuff. Being the cat lover that I am when we were divvying up the snacks we kind of had an almost like a draft. Like a lottery.

I chose the Black Cat bar. So it is a peanut snack packed with peanut power apparently. Let’s try that out. It looks like it has got some kind of like a toffee or a something sticky and sweet keeping it together.

Oh gosh, I’m going to break my tooth. It is super crunchy. Yeah, really really sweet. And it is kind of like, I don’t know, like a honey or a caramel that is hardened. Really crunchy, packed with peanuts, pretty much delicious.

Okay, I’m not sure what this one is called but I think Beacon is the brand and Whippy is the name. And it says mmm Mallows. I think it is supposed to be like marshmallows or something. Mallows. Mallows. Soft strawberry flavored mallow smothered in chocolate and coconut.

We call it marshmallow back in Canada but we’ll go with mallows. Let’s see. Lekker. So it is like a pink and white marshmallow inside.

Nice and spongy. It doesn’t really have a strong strawberry flavor which is what I was expecting because of the pink packaging. It is just like a sweet fluffy marshmallow inside. It’s good. I like it. Wonder Bar.

And if I remember correctly we have something by the same name in Canada but I’m not entirely sure. There is definitely a wonder something kind of chocolate bar. But this appears to be totally different.

I have a feeling this is mint chocolate. It is mint flavored apparently. And it appears to be really small. Some kind of an ant on me. Okay.

So let’s try that. Can you see the green. Yeah, kind of. Oh, Wow. That is a really unique mint chocolate bar. It’s like nothing I’ve really had before.

It’s got a crunchiness to it. Almost like a cookie flavor. Wow. The mint is really hitting me strong. The first time you have a bite you don’t really taste it that much.

But as you’re chewing it, a really strong mint flavor. It is kind of like an after eight? Stronger mint flavor than that. I like it even more. Next up, we have something called Diddle Daddle by Jumping Jack. Diddle Daddles.

That sounds like something like a taddle. Tiddle taddle. Don’t diddle daddle. Okay, so it looks like caramelized popcorn.

So it is sweet popcorn. I think you would call this kettle corn in Canada, right? Yeah, I think.

Sweet kettle corn. Sweet popcorn. Caramelized.

It doesn’t have a buttery flavor. It is just strictly caramel. Perfect for watching a movie, huh?

Diddle Daddle. Don’t diddle daddle. Or do diddle daddle. So I’ve got a TV bar.

Shall I assume you’re supposed to eat this while watching TV. Who knows? So, as it says here, tropical coconut, crunchy rice puffs and smooth white chocolate. Sounds pretty good to me.

Let’s see the white chocolate coating here. Okay, you know what? That’s kind of like something in between a granola bar and a chocolate bar. Would you say it is healthy? No, it’s got a lot of sugar for sure. It’s good though.

You can definitely taste that coconut. Now I’m moving on to the Niki cluster coconut clustered coated in smooth milk chocolate. Okay. Let’s see what this is all about. I wonder if it is going to taste like a Bounty Bar. The one we have back home.

Okay, so it is coated in chocolate. Oh, it is quite chocolate-y inside. I’m going to zoom in on that.

It does taste a bit like coconut but I was expecting like white shredded coconut in the middle. And it is more like coconut that has been coated in chocolate. It’s nice. Mmmm.

I’ve been saving this one for near the end. I love coconut chocolate bars. They’re some of my favorite. And I really like Bounty Bars and I really like Ritter Sport coconut flavor from Germany, so lets see if this Niki bar lives up to that.

Oh yeah, it’s amazing. Wow! Look at all of that coconut goodness in the middle here. That is amazing. That deserves another big bite even though I’m already full.

Mmmm. Delicious! Okay, so next we have mini Eet Sum Mor biscuits. Eat some more of that!

Come on, eat some more. I’m expecting something like short bread cookies. Oh, they’re quite small. Show us one. I’ll just pop one in my mouth. These are what they look like.

They’re tiny. Little squares. Woah!

We have birds. Sam, it’s like a miniature short bread cookie not overly sweet. It would go nice with a cup of tea.

Are you going to eat some more? No, I’m going to move on to my next snack. Are you sure? Okay, I’m having a Lion King moment over here. These are Simba chips. Simba!

What flavor? Smoked beef flavored potato chips that roars with flavour. Simba. Okay. Yeah, it is like a beef flavored chip.

I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like this before. It tastes like meat. In chip form. Okay, now the funny story about this one here.

It’s called Iron Brew is that they have something in Scotland that is called the same thing. But it is spelled in Scotland Irn. So we called it Urn Bru. We totally messed up. It is supposed to be called Iron Bru.

Here it is spelled with a vowel, with an O so no mistakes this time. Iron Brew. This is the first time to try this. I have no idea what it tastes like.

I don’t think it is going to taste like the one from Scotland because that is an orange color. It is definitely different. Wow!

I don’t even really know how to describe it. It has a different cola flavor than anything I’ve ever tried before. What does it say on the bottle? What is the description? Well, it says South Africa’s favorite. Um, I’ll have to look to the ingredients here.

Carbonated water, sugar, caramel flavor, citric acid. Yeah, it’s got, it does have a bit of a caramel flavor. It’s um, it’s unique. That’s all I can say. Another chocolate bar up ahead.

This one is Beacon. Forest fruit and nut chocolate. Forest fruit, wow. It kind of reminds me of the Cadbury bars you’d get back home. The fruit and nut bars, yeah. I wonder if it is going to be similar.

I think so. Dun, dah, dah, dun. It’s hard chocolate. Yeah, nutty. Fruity? Yeah, it’s milk chocolate with fruits, nuts.

A very familiar flavor. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s good.

Alright, we’ve done a whole other video dedicated to Biltong but this here is a kind we didn’t try. Hello, Kika. She wants some snacks. You came just at the right time. You wanted the meat snacks.

So this is Kudu. It is a kind of game flavor. Game meat. So let’s open that up. A bite for me. That’s really good meat.

A bite for Kika. She’s eating it off of my leg. Here, one more bite for Kika.

Come on Kika. Yum, yum. That’s really good. It does have that game-y kind of flavor. And it is really rich.

Really high quality and you can tell there is not a lot of fat in this. So, I know we can get Cadbury all around the world but this flavor I have never seen before. What is it? Show us. We have marvelous creations and this is cookie gummy crunch. Very colorful packaging.

We’ve got a party going on over there. Oh, yeah. Let’s open this monster chocolate bar. It’s huge, it must be like well over 100 grams. Maybe 200. Here, so I’m going to break a piece in half.

Oh, you can see some of the cookie pieces. Okay, hold it still. Oh, you can, wow. Let’s see. Yeah, so it’s got cookie chunks and some blue crumbly stuff.

Crunchy stuff. I couldn’t tell you what candy the blue stuff is. It is just crunchy, hard candy.

But the chocolate is good. The milk chocolate is good quality. Okay, I’m really excited about this product.

I think it is like Ginger Beer flavored mints. And that seems like a very niche king of unique product. I can’t wait to try it. Yep, those are mints.

I don’t think you’re going to like these. I’m still finishing my jerky. Alright, ready to try these. Wow!

These are strong. I’m loving this. I love strong ginger beer flavor but I have a feeling that unless you’ve grown up drinking ginger beer 95% of people who haven’t probably wouldn’t like this. This is delicious to me but this is not something that I would bring home for as a gift for friends and family.

Let’s say that. Next up, we have the nut basket. Tasty South African snacks and this one is roasted giant peanuts Peri Peri.

And apparently peri peri is just a spice. Like a mix of different spices. I think it is supposed to be quite spicy. Hot. Let’s see abot that.

So this is what they look like. It’s not overly spicy yet. I’m waiting for the burn to kick in.

Feel the burn? I mean, it’s spicy. It’s got some flavor but it is not overly spicy that you’re like having to chug a glass of milk. Yeah, Peri Peri peanuts. So, another thing we picked up in the supermarket: Romany Creams.

Classic choc. And it says are you South Africa’s biggest bakers fan? Let’s find out if I am. Oh, I like that easy tear away.

Nice. Use those big muscles of yours. Muscles.

Okay, they are just loose. They’re biscuits. So, chocolate biscuit with chocolate filing. It’s a nice crunchy cookie. It would be really nice for dunking in your coffee or your tea.

Yeah, chocolate. Okay, so next I’m trying something called Sparberry soft drink. Spar letta, I’m not sure if that is the brand. I’m going to assume so since the supermarket was called Spar. So Sparberry drink here we go. Oh, it is pink.

Splashed it on my finger. I just poured it all over myself. I’m going to say cherry.

I think it is cherry flavoured. I think it is strawberry flavored. Yeah, look.

It says. Oh, no it doesn’t. It could be either cherry or strawberry. I’m not sure.

My puppy friend is here. Kika. Kika is here. Come Kika. Let her say hello now that I’m filming.

Come. This is Kika. Kika lives here in Wilderness. And she is a cute puppy and she has been sleeping on my lap and being very very sweet these past few days.

Haven’t you? Are you cute Kika? Are you cute? Kika. Maybe she wants some snacks.

Maybe. You arrived just at the right time. Didn’t you? Alright, I’ve been saving this for the end because I’m thirsty after trying all that chocolate and savory snacks. This is Stoney Ginger Beer.

I love ginger beer. The best ginger beer I have ever had has been in Australia. It’s a lot stronger than the stuff you can get in Canada.

So let’s so how this Stoney stuff compares. Wow, that is pretty strong. Yeah, that is some of the best ginger beer I’ve ever had.

I can’t wait to finish that off. So, ciao from South Africa. This is Sam, Audrey and Kika signing off from Wilderness.

Hi, pup. Say, bye. So we’re closing off with Biltong in my hand and Kika. Come on Kika. Come, on, come get some. Come on.

Come here. Here you go. So it is another beautiful day here in Wilderness. And today we are hiking out to some caves. Now these are very special caves because apparently they had built a restaurant into these caves and then the business failed and the place basically shutdown but a man moved into the restaurant in this cave and apparently he has turned it into a squatting complex where homeless people can come and stay. And he takes care of them.

These are all just rumors we’ve been hearing from locals so we thought ‘hey’ let’s go check it out ourselves. So that is where we are going today. And to get there we are walking along the abandoned rail tracks. Alright, lead the way. So it would appear that these tracks haven’t been in use for a really long time. And some of the rock has just fallen over top and vegetation has grown over it but there is a way around.

Lucky for us. Oooh! So we’ve reached the entrance of the tunnel. Apparently we need to go through here. And it looks dark and spooky. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.

So that was incredible. We just got a tour from the man who runs this place. And basically it is a shelter for homeless people. He takes them in for two weeks and tries to give them a place where they can live. He feeds them. And just helps them get back on their feet.

They have to go out and look for work while they are staying here. And it is just beautifully decorated. They’ve put a lot of detail into each of the rooms.

And there is just a lot of character and personality, so it is a really funky place to check out. I liked it. You can continue hiking along the bridge to the dolphin’s nose and that will take you to Vic Bay. But we’re really hungry right now so we’re heading back in for lunch. Right now we’re at Wild Farm in Wilderness and we’re waiting for one of my favorite things. It’s called Braai.

It’s South African barbecue and it is absolutely phenomenal. So in the background we’ve got our lovely little log cabin. I’m drying out a towel right now. But anyways that is besides the point. The team here at the hostel is now working on the barbecue. They’re stoking the fire so we are going to show you the whole process.

Let’s go cook some Braai. And Audrey has made a new best friend. Who is this?

It’s Kika. Is it playtime or nap time? It looks like nap time.

You want to take this one home in your backpack? Yes. She would fit nicely. Not a bad little view from over here huh? What are you drinking? Um, apple cider.

Alright, we’ve got the grill master here and he’s going to tell us what makes Braai much better than barbecue. Well, firstly, barbecue is a sauce. Hahahaha. But the difference with a South African Braai is the fact that we use real wood instead of charcoal. And it gives a different flavor to the meat.

And that is a big thing. Excuse me. What have we got here?

We’ve got some good chicken. Look at that. This is sausage as well.

That looks so good. But first. So underneath the Braai that is where you have the meat that is already done and the cheesy mushroom bread.

Here is the finished product. Look at that. Wow! So that is the bread? Yep.

It’s the cheesy mushroom bread. Show us that. Woah. It is almost like a sandwich. A hot sandwich.

That’s for me. Alright, we are checking out your plate. What do we got over here? So it is all dished up. My first traditional Braai.

We’ve got some chicken, some sausage and some meat. So I am ready to dig in. What else do we have aside from that? Well, there is salad and potatoes on the side and some feta cheese. But who is focusing on that. Okay, first bite.

Who cares about that stuff. Mmmm. That is wonderful. You did a great job. Cool, man.

Yeah, seriously. Alright, stop filming me and enjoy your food man. Hahahaha. Alright, I’m trying the sausage. That is amazing. South African Braai sausage is better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

So Hello, from Cape Town. We have finally arrived in the city and this is the final stop of our three week adventure here in South Africa. This is actually our first day exploring the city and thankfully we have blue skies so we’re trying to see as much as we can. And yeah, we’re just going to take you on a little tour.

So now that we’re near the end of the trip I’m kind of reflecting on what I might have done differently. And definitely something that I’m a little bit disappointed is that we didn’t spend more time in Cape Town. I know we just got here but I’m absolutely loving it. It is so gorgeous. The scenery is amazing.

And I wish we had a few more days to explore. So, good morning from rainy Cape Town. Today we’ve signed up to do a Cape Point and Peninsula tour. So we’re going to be traveling down to Cape Point by bus. We’re also hauling some bicycles along. So once we get there we’re planning to go biking, do a little bit of hiking and we’re going to see some sights along the way.

It should be fun and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off. So this morning we’re taking a boat tour to Seal Island and hopefully we’ll spot some seals along the way. We’re going in search of penguins. I’ve seemed to spot a rather large unusual penguin over here.

It looks rather uncoordinated. And a little bit silly. So we’re not allowed to get too close to the penguins. They may be cute but they’re quite vicious with their little beaks. Alright, so this is where the fun begins. We’ve arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and right now we’re unloading the bikes.

We’re going to get all suited up and get ready to go biking. Finally! We’re biking in a National Park and apparently it could be a bit like a mini safari. There has been a lot of animals spotted here.

Especially baboons. Having fun so far? I am but I look a little bit ridiculous but I’m trying to stay warm. It is windy out here. Okay, so we’ve just finished biking five kilometers.

Now it is time for our delicious lunch. What do we have? I’m going to enjoy this. We’ve got a lovely sandwich and Malay macaroni salad. I can’t wait for that salad.

Yeah, so we’re going to fuel up and then keep biking for another six point five kilometers. So we need our energy. Alright, so we have arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. This is the southwestern most point on the African continent.

So as you can see over there lots of people snapping their photos. The weather is still not cooperating with us. It is cold, it is wet, it is raining but we’re still going to go for a hike so let’s go find our guide and get going. Smart phone? Hello?

Aaahahaha. Go away! Okay guys, keep all windows locked. They smell food. Wow, she is screaming.

Well we didn’t spot animals while we were actually on our bikes. But while we were in the vehicle we saw ostriches and we saw baboons. And the baboons were being crazy.

One was right on top of a vehicle and a lady freaked out totally. And that concludes our Cape Point tour. The sun is just coming out just as we’re about to leave. That is just how it is sometimes. So we have a fun day planned today.

We’re actually doing a wine tour around Stellenbosch so we’re just going to be driving through the countryside sipping on wine. Let’s get started. And eating cheese.

So we’re pairing some white wines with cheese. I don’t know which one I’m more excited about. I think maybe the cheese. And this is my favorite cheese so far. It is called White Rock with cranberry. It tastes a little bit like cheesecake.

The last sweet red wine we tried tasted a little bit like Christmas cake. It was delicious. Good to the last drop. So we just finished our first wine tasting here at Fairview. We each tried six different wines with cheese. I think we’re feeling pretty happy right now aren’t we?

It is eleven fourteen in the morning right now and I’m already well greased. So we’ve now arrived at our second vineyard of the day. This one is called Moroti and it has more of a rustic family feel. So let’s go check that one out. So this particular vineyard has a lot of character.

It has a specially rustic feel. And it has just been cool touring around here. Given some of the areas what appear to be permanent cobwebs. It is pretty amazing. So this is our third vineyard and this particular red wine is straight from the barrel. Oh, take a sip.

It’s good. And for dessert we are what? Roasting marshmallows.

Over an open fire. We’re just missing the chocolate and graham crackers. Roasted to perfection.

It’s hot. Is it good? Delicious?

Alright, I get the next one. And here is how I like mine. Nice and crispy all over. That’s a mouth full. Alright, so we just finished a delicious braai lunch and we’re feeling quite stuffed.

But the tour isn’t over. We still have two more vineyards to visit and apparently there is Biltong and chocolate on the menu. So I am looking forward to that.

They’re going to be carrying us away on wheel barrels by the time we’re finished. So we are now at our forth vineyard. Everyone is wearing hats.

I’m not sure why but we’re going to go drink some wine in our fancy hats. We’ve moved on from cheese to lunch. And now we’ve got chocolate. And over here I’ve got a chili chocolate so apparently you don’t taste it too much when you’re chewing it but when it goes down. When you’re swallowing it that is when you really feel the burn. So let’s see if that is true.

I don’t taste it so much now. Maybe take a sip of wine and see what happens. Yeah, as soon as you swallow it you feel the burn. It is not too overpowering but it is. It’s got some kick to it for sure.

Time for some wine. Do you want neck scratches? You’re sweet aren’t you? Why are you behind a gate? Huh? You’re not dangerous.

Are you a guard dog? Are you a guard dog? Those are nice aren’t they? Oh, you’re getting a puppy massage. Puppy massage.

So we have now arrived at our fifth and final winery of the day. To be honest they’re all starting to blend together because we’ve been drinking way too much wine but there is still a little room for a few more glasses so let’s go in and sample some more. Alright, so we’ve had cheese and we’ve had chocolate with our wine and now it is time for Biltong. Which is a type of South African jerky. This is awesome, high quality, fresh Biltong. Final impressions is that was a fantastic tour.

It is actually our very last day in South Africa and I couldn’t think of a more relaxing way to finish things off. The wine was fantastic. All of the food was really good. We had some excellent cheeses, chocolate and Biltong and we had a huge feast for lunch, so what a great way to wrap things up and that is it for us in South Africa.

Gaming on a Tablet using a GTX 1080!!

Hey, how’s it going, guys? This is Dave 2D and this is the Asus Transformer 3 Pro. Now, it looks very similar to the Surface lineup and particularly the Surface Pro 4 It’s obviously been inspired by that lineup, but this is one big difference.

This device has a Thunderbolt 3 port so it allows external GPU connections. Now, as of right now, this is the only tablet that allows that. Future Surface products and future tablets might allow it, but right now, this is the only one. In terms of its build, it feels pretty similar to the Surface Pro 4.

Glass upfront, magnesium shell, The kickstand on the back can be adjusted to any position. It’s stiff. It will hold its position, but I’m not sure about long-term durability.

The mechanism looks like it works through friction between two metal parts and I don’t know if it will wear down over time, but it’s been working great for the past couple of months so, yeah, I think it should be okay. Using it as a tablet, it feels pretty comfortable to use. It’s a different shape from the Surface products – those kind of have a bevel on the edge. This doesn’t have that. It’s a different feel, but it’s still very comfortable to use. Now, I prefer to using these 2-in-1 devices with the detachable keyboards, I find that…

I mean there are devices that have the flip-around keyboards, like the Yoga products and the new XPS 13. I mean this is just personal preference, but I like being able to use my tablet one hand without feeling the bottom of the keyboard underneath. I like that.

Some people are going to be different. It’s just a matter of personal perference. Port selection on tablets is never amazing. On one side you have your standard Micro-SD slot and a volume rocker And on the other side, we have USB 3, HDMI port and that Thunderbolt 3 port. This model here is $1,600 USD and includes a stylus and the attachable keyboard.

The Surface Pro 4 has a slightly stronger connection – I think with the magnets are stronger, but this is still pretty secure. The keyboard is backlit. It has a great layout, like, I wouldn’t change a thing on it considering the smaller real- estate it has to work with. You can have it go flat or you can have it tilted on an angle.

Both are comfortable to use. It’s actually really confortable to use on your lap as well. Everything feels solid. The typing experience is good – not amazing. Decent key-travel, but the keys are a little softer or just spongier that I’d like it to be. And when you close it, there’s no magnets on the other end to keep it closed like on Surface products.

The track-pad can be better. It uses Windows precision drivers so I had high hopes. It’s glass and the texture is good, but the cursor jumps around sometimes. Not often, but enough for it to be a little bit annoying. I don’t think it’s hardware – I think a software update would fix it but as of right now, in early January 2017, it’s still an issue.

The stylus feels really similar, if not identical to the stylus for Surface products. It doesn’t attach magnetically, though, so you’ve got to bring it around with you like a regular pen. The screen is 12.6″, 2880X1920 – pretty high res. There’s letter boxing in most videos, because of the aspect ratio.

That’s just the nature of tablet screens. It has very good color gamut and color accuracy out of the box. It’s not as bright as I feel like it could be or should be. I mean, it’s bright for a laptop, but because it’s a tablet as well, I kind of feel that in some environments, like if you’re outdoors, it can feel a little dim. It’s running a Skylake CPU.

You can get it in either an i5 or an i7, both with Intel HD 520 graphics 16GB of RAM and solid-state drives. The 512GB drive in my unit isn’t particularly fast. I think it’s a SATA drive, but I have seen units with newer manufacturing dates that had NVMe drives in them. You can’t upgrade the RAM or the drive. I mean, you can configure it at purchase but you can’t open it up and upgrade it yourself. Performance for regular use is good.

It feels pretty snappy, particularly with the i7. Now, if you stress this thing hard, like on benchmarks, or if you want to edit videos, there is noticeable CPU throttling, and gaming performance on the integrated HD 520 isn’t that good. But when you connect it to an external GPU using the Thunderbolt 3 port, that is where this thing shines.

So, if you’re not familiar with an external GPU, it’s a box, and you basically stick a desktop-grade GPU in there so anything from NVIDIA and AMD, and then you get desktop GPU capabilities in your device. So, the Asus Transformer 3 Pro was originally designed to work with the ASUS XG Station 2. That’s not out, yet. It will be soon, but in the meantime, it actually works quite well with the Razer core. You’ve got to install some Thunderbolt 3 drivers and you need to get some software to run the whole Razer Synapse thing, but, it works.

Depending on the card you put in here, you can get some amazing performance. It’s a pretty standard performance drop – around 10% to 15% less than a desktop because of the Thunderbolt 3 bandwith limitations, but it’s still good. Remember, though – that performance drop – that 10% to 15% number is only if you’re using an external monitor.

If you don’t want to use a monitor and you want to pipe it back to the display on the Transformer 3 Pro, you’ll lose even more performance. We’re looking at 20% to 25%. And, if you’re curious, that Thunderbolt 3 cable will power and charge the tablet, so it’s a pretty sweet setup.

Something like Overwatch doesn’t have great performance on the integrated HD 520, but I connected a GTX 1080 and you can get some ridiculously good frame rates. One thing to keep in mind: this is a 2-core CPU. There’s plenty of games that will run great on a 2-core CPU, but there are games that are more CPU-dependent that would do better on a quad-core.

So you’ve got to research your game if you want specific benchmarks. Now, in terms of a GPU recommendation, because this is a 2-core CPU and because it doesn’t get to clock full speed because of the CPU throttling, I’d recommend maybe a GTX 1060 or even a GTX 980 if, you know, your budget is a little bit lower. But you don’t want to just spend money on a card that you can’t really make proper use of. VR also had problems working. I tried connecting an HTC Vive – had issues.

I’m not sure if it’s like because like a port limitations – there is only one USB port on the tablet. The keyboard is actually not bad for gaming. It’s kind of strange because it’s not even a real keyboard. It’s a keyboard cover. I mean it’s not going to cut it for a 400 APM Starcraft player, but it’s a very usable keyboard for games.

There’s an exhaust up top. It doesn’t interfere when you’re playing games, but if you’re using some more demanding applications, while you’re holding it in Portrait as a tablet, it gets pretty warm up there. The fans don’t spin when it’s idle, but when it kicks in, it’s audible. It’s not super annoying or super loud or anything, but you’ll know when it’s on. Speakers are up front – Harman Kardon-branded, but they’re very average-sounding. They don’t get too loud and the bass is pretty weak.

The front webcam is 1080p and it has infrared, so it supports Windows Hello for login, which is pretty cool. The back camera is 13MP. It doesn’t look great, but I doubt many people are going to use this anyways so, whatever. Battery life on this thing is relatively short.

It’s a 39WA battery. Normal use – like, doing work – we’re getting around 5 hours of life with the screen at 250 nits. Watching movies, you’ll get around 3.5 hours, which is enough to finish most movies, but for a tablet, the battery life is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. Now, overall, I really like this setup.

I don’t think that this particular model, like the Transformer 3 Pro, is the perfect version of this, particularly the battery life, but this is the only one you could do it on right now. I love the fact that it’s a tablet when you want it to be. You can connect a keyboard when you want to type or just go ham on a keyboard. You have an external GPU if you want to play games. It’s a super modular system. I think this is a really good direction for mobile computing.

Your brain on video games

I’m a brain scientist, and as a brain scientist, I’m actually interested in how the brain learns, and I’m especially interested in a possibility of making our brains smarter, better and faster. This is in this context I’m going to tell you about video games. When we say video games, most of you think about children. It’s true. Ninety percent of children do play video games.

But let’s be frank. When the kids are in bed, who is in front of the PlayStation? Most of you. The average age of a gamer is 33 years old, not eight years old, and in fact, if we look at the projected demographics of video game play, the video game players of tomorrow are older adults.

So video [gaming] is pervasive throughout our society. It is clearly here to stay. It has an amazing impact on our everyday life. Consider these statistics released by Activision. After one month of release of the game “Call Of Duty: Black Ops,” it had been played for 68,000 years worldwide, right?

Would any of you complain if this was the case about doing linear algebra? So what we are asking in the lab is, how can we leverage that power? Now I want to step back a bit. I know most of you have had the experience of coming back home and finding your kids playing these kinds of games. (Shooting noises) The name of the game is to get after your enemy zombie bad guys before they get to you, right?

And I’m almost sure most of you have thought, “Oh, come on, can’t you do something more intelligent than shooting at zombies?” I’d like you to put this kind of knee-jerk reaction in the context of what you would have thought if you had found your girl playing sudoku or your boy reading Shakespeare. Right? Most parents would find that great. Well, I’m not going to tell you that playing video games days in and days out is actually good for your health. It’s not, and binging is never good.

But I’m going to argue that in reasonable doses, actually the very game I showed you at the beginning, those action-packed shooter games have quite powerful effects and positive effects on many different aspects of our behavior. There’s not one week that goes without some major headlines in the media about whether video games are good or bad for you, right? You’re all bombarded with that. I’d like to put this kind of Friday night bar discussion aside and get you to actually step into the lab.

What we do in the lab is actually measure directly, in a quantitative fashion, what is the impact of video games on the brain. And so I’m going to take a few examples from our work. One first saying that I’m sure you all have heard is the fact that too much screen time makes your eyesight worse. That’s a statement about vision. There may be vision scientists among you. We actually know how to test that statement.

We can step into the lab and measure how good your vision is. Well, guess what? People that don’t play a lot of action games, that don’t actually spend a lot of time in front of screens, have normal, or what we call corrective-to-normal vision.

That’s okay. The issue is what happens with these live dealer casino online that actually indulge into playing video games like five hours per week, 10 hours per week, 15 hours per week. By that statement, their vision should be really bad, right? Guess what? Their vision is really, really good.

It’s better than those that don’t play. And it’s better in two different ways. The first way is that they’re actually able to resolve small detail in the context of clutter, and though that means being able to read the fine print on a prescription rather than using magnifier glasses, you can actually do it with just your eyesight.

The other way that they are better is actually being able to resolve different levels of gray. Imagine you’re driving in a fog. That makes a difference between seeing the car in front of you and avoiding the accident, or getting into an accident. So we’re actually leveraging that work to develop games for patients with low vision, and to have an impact on retraining their brain to see better.

Clearly, when it comes to action video games, screen time doesn’t make your eyesight worse. Another saying that I’m sure you have all heard around: Video games lead to attention problems and greater distractability. Okay, we know how to measure attention in the lab. I’m actually going to give you an example of how we do so. I’m going to ask you to participate, so you’re going to have to actually play the game with me.

Okay, you get my point, right? (Laughter) You’re getting better, but it’s hard. Why is it hard? Because I introduced a conflict between the word itself and its color. How good your attention is determines actually how fast you resolve that conflict, so the young guys here at the top of their game probably, like, did a little better than some of us that are older. What we can show is that when you do this kind of task with people that play a lot of action games, they actually resolve the conflict faster.

So clearly playing those action games doesn’t lead to attention problems. Actually, those action video game players have many other advantages in terms of attention, and one aspect of attention which is also improved for the better is our ability to track objects around in the world. This is something we use all the time. When you’re driving, you’re tracking, keeping track of the cars around you.

You’re also keeping track of the pedestrian, the running dog, and that’s how you can actually be safe driving, right? In the lab, we get people to come to the lab, sit in front of a computer screen, and we give them little tasks that I’m going to get you to do again. You’re going to see yellow happy faces and a few sad blue faces. These are children in the schoolyard in Geneva during a recess during the winter. Most kids are happy. It’s actually recess.

But a few kids are sad and blue because they’ve forgotten their coat. Everybody begins to move around, and your task is to keep track of who had a coat at the beginning and who didn’t. So I’m just going to show you an example where there is only one sad kid. It’s easy because you can actually track it with your eyes.

You can track, you can track, and then when it stops, and there is a question mark, and I ask you, did this kid have a coat or not? Was it yellow initially or blue? I hear a few yellow. Good. So most of you have a brain. (Laughter) I’m now going to ask you to do the task, but now with a little more challenging task.

There are going to be three of them that are blue. Don’t move your eyes. Please don’t move your eyes. Keep your eyes fixated and expand, pull your attention. That’s the only way you can actually do it. If you move your eyes, you’re doomed.

Yellow or blue? Audience: Yellow.DB: Good. So your typical normal young adult can have a span of about three or four objects of attention. That’s what we just did. Your action video game player has a span of about six to seven objects of attention, which is what is shown in this video here.

That’s for you guys, action video game players. A bit more challenging, right? (Laughter) Yellow or blue?

Blue. We have some people that are serious out there. Yeah. (Laughter) Good.

So in the same way that we actually see the effects of video games on people’s behavior, we can use brain imaging and look at the impact of video games on the brain, and we do find many changes, but the main changes are actually to the brain networks that control attention. So one part is the parietal cortex which is very well known to control the orientation of attention. The other one is the frontal lobe, which controls how we sustain attention, and another one is the anterior cingulate, which controls how we allocate and regulate attention and resolve conflict. Now, when we do brain imaging, we find that all three of these networks are actually much more efficient in people that play action games.

This actually leads me to a rather counterintuitive finding in the literature about technology and the brain. You all know about multitasking. You all have been faulty of multitasking when you’re driving and you pick up your cellphone. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Why?

Because as your attention shifts to your cell phone, you are actually losing the capacity to react swiftly to the car braking in front of you, and so you’re much more likely to get engaged into a car accident. Now, we can measure that kind of skills in the lab. We obviously don’t ask people to drive around and see how many car accidents they have. That would be a little costly proposition. But we design tasks on the computer where we can measure, to millisecond accuracy, how good they are at switching from one task to another. When we do that, we actually find that people that play a lot of action games are really, really good.

They switch really fast, very swiftly. They pay a very small cost. Now I’d like you to remember that result, and put it in the context of another group of technology users, a group which is actually much revered by society, which are people that engage in multimedia-tasking.

What is multimedia-tasking? It’s the fact that most of us, most of our children, are engaged with listening to music at the same time as they’re doing search on the web at the same time as they’re chatting on Facebook with their friends. That’s a multimedia-tasker. There was a first study done by colleagues at Stanford and that we replicated that showed that those people that identify as being high multimedia-taskers are absolutely abysmal at multitasking. When we measure them in the lab, they’re really bad.

Right? So these kinds of results really makes two main points. The first one is that not all media are created equal. You can’t compare the effect of multimedia-tasking and the effect of playing action games. They have totally different effects on different aspects of cognition, perception and attention.

Even within video games, I’m telling you right now about these action-packed video games. Different video games have a different effect on your brains. So we actually need to step into the lab and really measure what is the effect of each video game. The other lesson is that general wisdom carries no weight. I showed that to you already, like we looked at the fact that despite a lot of screen time, those action gamers have a lot of very good vision, etc. Here, what was really striking is that these undergraduates that actually report engaging in a lot of high multimedia-tasking are convinced they aced the test.

So you show them their data, you show them they are bad and they’re like, “Not possible.” You know, they have this sort of gut feeling that, really, they are doing really, really good. That’s another argument for why we need to step into the lab and really measure the impact of technology on the brain.

Now in a sense, when we think about the effect of video games on the brain, it’s very similar to the effect of wine on the health. There are some very poor uses of wine. There are some very poor uses of video games. But when consumed in reasonable doses, and at the right age, wine can be very good for health. There are actually specific molecules that have been identified in red wine as leading to greater life expectancy.

So it’s the same way, like those action video games have a number of ingredients that are actually really powerful for brain plasticity, learning, attention, vision, etc., and so we need and we’re working on understanding what are those active ingredients so that we can really then leverage them to deliver better games, either for education or for rehabilitation of patients. Now because we are interested in having an impact for education or rehabilitation of patients, we are actually not that interested in how those of you that choose to play video games for many hours on end perform. I’m much more interested in taking any of you and showing that by forcing you to play an action game, I can actually change your vision for the better, whether you want to play that action game or not, right?

That’s the point of rehabilitation or education. Most of the kids don’t go to school saying, “Great, two hours of math!” So that’s really the crux of the research, and to do that, we need to go one more step.

And one more step is to do training studies. So let me illustrate that step with a task which is called mental rotation. Mental rotation is a task where I’m going to ask you, and again you’re going to do the task, to look at this shape.

Study it, it’s a target shape, and I’m going to present to you four different shapes. One of these four different shapes is actually a rotated version of this shape. I want you to tell me which one: the first one, second one, third one or fourth one? Okay, I’ll help you. Fourth one. One more.

Get those brains working. Come on. That’s our target shape.

Third. Good! This is hard, right? Like, the reason that I asked you to do that is because you really feel your brain cringing, right?

It doesn’t really feel like playing mindless action video games. Well, what we do in these training studies is, people come to the lab, they do tasks like this one, we then force them to play 10 hours of action games. They don’t play 10 hours of action games in a row.

They do distributed practice, so little shots of 40 minutes several days over a period of two weeks. Then, once they are done with the training, they come back a few days later and they are tested again on a similar type of mental rotation task. So this is work from a colleague in Toronto. What they showed is that, initially, you know, subjects perform where they are expected to perform given their age. After two weeks of training on action video games, they actually perform better, and the improvement is still there five months after having done the training. That’s really, really important.

Why? Because I told you we want to use these games for education or for rehabilitation. We need to have effects that are going to be long-lasting.

Now, at this point, a number of you are probably wondering well, what are you waiting for, to put on the market a game that would be good for the attention of my grandmother and that she would actually enjoy, or a game that would be great to rehabilitate the vision of my grandson who has amblyopia, for example? Well, we’re working on it, but here is a challenge. There are brain scientists like me that are beginning to understand what are the good ingredients in games to promote positive effects, and that’s what I’m going to call the broccoli side of the equation.

There is an entertainment software industry which is extremely deft at coming up with appealing products that you can’t resist. That’s the chocolate side of the equation. The issue is we need to put the two together, and it’s a little bit like with food. Who really wants to eat chocolate-covered broccoli? None of you.

(Laughter) And you probably have had that feeling, right, picking up an education game and sort of feeling, hmm, you know, it’s not really fun, it’s not really engaging. So what we need is really a new brand of chocolate, a brand of chocolate that is irresistible, that you really want to play, but that has all the ingredients, the good ingredients that are extracted from the broccoli that you can’t recognize but are still working on your brains. And we’re working on it, but it takes brain scientists to come and to get together, people that work in the entertainment software industry, and publishers, so these are not people that usually meet every day, but it’s actually doable, and we are on the right track.


Types of Card Players

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Hey! Had dinner yet?

– Look at my dhoti first. It is too loose. That’s why I’m not wearing one. Where are the rest of the guys? – I don’t know.

Here they come. – Here they come. Isn’t the bride’s friend too beautiful? Don’t try your luck with her, because I’m going to. Whatever.

– We’ll leave now. You’ll again have to come here tomorrow morning. I suggest you rather stay here.

If we go home now, we can sleep for atleast 4 hours. Why should you sleep, by the way? You aren’t the bride.

To look good in the selfies we click. The only thing they do is eat, sleep, selfies, repeat. Still they use ‘#Fun’. – That’s true. Gauthami hardly answers her phone while Jahnavi is always busy. Haven’t all we friends got together after long?

Alright, fine. What’s the plan for the night then? What’s the point in staying up if all of you are busy with your phones? How shall we pass time? – Shall we play ‘Truth or Dare’? Don’t we know everyone’s secrets here?

No point in playing that. We aren’t kids to play ‘Truth or Dare’. Let’s play Ludo instead. I can’t help your case, buddy.

Shall we play ‘Anthakshari’? – Like we all are fine singers! Come up with something.

I’m already sleepy. That’s why I said we’d leave. I’ll kill you if you fall asleep. What do we do then? I don’t know how to play cards. – Hell with this guy.

You don’t even know how to wear a dhoti. Yet you are wearing it, right? A note to all you guys before we begin the video. I’m totally against the idea of gambling. The game of cards depicted in the video is the one played between friends and relatives when they all get together for weddings, festivals or other events. So, this is a just a light hearted take of it.

Each will have 13 cards. Drop your 14th card with its face down and call for ‘show’. Simple.

I’ve a doubt. Value of Ace can be 1 or even 14. Why is it so?

What is the rule on natural sequences? How many ‘lives’ are a must? One would do, right? Can we use a joker in a natural sequence? What is the rule on the colour of the triplets? I’m ready to call ‘show’.

But I’ve an extra card. Why? Sit, Ganesh. – I won’t sit next to him. Let’s switch.

But why? – I never win if I sit next to him. Stop kidding.

– Shut up and switch places, idiot. Idiot? Why did she call me that? What did you drop?

– Five of Diamonds. Hurry up. – I am. You are boring us to death by keeping us waiting. Just a minute, Jahnu.

– Your slow play is such a bummer. I feel I need all the cards. – Hurry up and visit best online casino for real money for kiwi.

What a pain.. Which card do you want, darling? I’ll drop that card for you.

I need 4 Clubs. – You need 4 cards? No.

I meant 4 of Clubs. He just won’t drop it. Drop which ever cards she wants. – Sure.

Sure. Darling, we’ll play the next game together. Give me a minute. Are you done? Are you done?

Do you have a ‘Joker‘? Even you didn’t get the ‘Joker’? Who else has it then? You’ve got all the ‘Jokers’, didn’t you? If you are done, give me a hint.

I’ll quit this round. Bro, all I need is an Ace. Please, bro. Did I win this round? Or didn’t I? I guess I won it.

Please check. Check if I’ve won this round. Here are two triplets. Here is a natural sequence. Are you sure I’ve won it. – Yes, you have.

I guess I’ve won it. You’ve dropped the ‘Joker’. You can’t take back dropped cards. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’.

– Rule is a rule. I didn’t know 4 was the ‘Joker’. I’ve got 4 ‘Jokers’. It’s your turn.

Shuffle and distribute the cards. Sure. Hurry up, will you?

What are you even doing? – I’m almost done. Give it to me. I’ll do it. Can’t you even shuffle cards? This card goes here.

– I should get the first card. Just swap these two cards. – I’ll rather do it again. Jahnu.. – Yes? – Your turn it is. You are done with yours?

– Of course, I am. Which card did you drop? – Number six. Six of what?

– Six of hearts. Red heart or black heart? – Are you even interested? If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

– I dropped six of hearts. I don’t want that. Pick one up from the pack. I suggest you quit your game and get back to your phone.

I’m playing, am I not? I am a multi-tasker. I don’t want this either. I know you wouldn’t need it, since you dropped all your diamonds. Guys, it is ‘Show’ time.

Wait. You don’t even have a ‘life’. How could you win the round? Show me your cards. I-I am sorry.

I’m sorry. It is a wrong call. No.

You are out. – Give me one last chance, please. Add 80 points to your score. – 80 points! Hell no. Give me one last chance.

– We’ve given you enough already. ‘No one is looking at me. The time is right.’

‘I’ll take out the card and add it to the rest.’ I’ve seen him take a card out of his pocket. Check the total number of cards with him. Let’s just count the number of cards.

W-Well, he gave me all those cards. – Get up. You placed those cards there, didn’t you? I’m innocent. Every time I play cards with friends and family these kinds of scenes come alive. Let me know in the comments section if you too were in the same situations.

Ganesh, look there. Look at me. I deserve this piece of chicken more than you do. Whatever. You know the proper etiquette of eating biryani?

The first time you eat biryani, eat it like it is the last time. The second time you eat biryani, eat it with more vigour than the first time. Continue this process n number of times.

Chelsea Football Club – Football betting conference 2018

So you’ll often find me talking to you from some sporting venue today is no different, I’m at Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea Football Club and I’m here to go to another one of these exhibitions. You very often see me going to, and the exhibition today is betting on football. It’S a very niche exhibition, high ticket price. It’S not something that you tend to see appetize, that much but yeah, I’m gon na go inside. Have a few meetings.

Have a few discussions? Take things from there, Jamie retina is even on their radar; no, no! No! No! No!

No! No! I hope that the people I spoke with del piero. He knew all about it and he was also interested in doing it. Everybody sees the possibility to help these players to get you know to get it out of the you know that stinky room to play all the time and make it more serious.

That’S the reason why we get involved so I’ve come into one of the corporate hospitality or the boxes at Stamford Bridge here, and so, if you’re a football fan, you can have a look and see what the pitch looks like from this particular angle. Now, because of the lighting, I couldn’t get me in the shots and the pitch, so I filmed the pitch separately on a fill-in shot and what I’m going to do now on this part of the video is just pan across there, so that you can have a Look at the pitch – I have been here before actually for Champions League matches and a couple of other matches in the Premier League in other tournaments as well, but this is the first time that I’ve actually been in one of the little boxes here now. Obviously, there’s no football going on, but it’s interesting to have a look and compare it to other areas that I’ve been to, but actually Stamford Bridge has always felt rather small to me, but obviously space is at a huge premium in this part of London.

So it sort of been built up around the old ground, and I I went to the old ground many many years ago as a Southampton fan anyhow. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of what it looks like and the pitch and what the view looks like from this particular area of Stamford Bridge now the actual conference itself is mainly business-to-business as I’ve mentioned, and therefore it’s probably not of that much interest to A lot of people on the other side of the industry. However, I look at it with with two different hats on really I’m here to talk to other people, and most of these conferences are about that. It’S an opportunity for everybody to get in the room at the same time. Discuss things. Do deals, discuss what they’re going to do this year.

An issue is quite critical in terms of its the World Cup, so the betting on Football Conference this year has much more significance because of the World Cup. So I’m looking at analytics, I’m looking at a data provision, I’m looking at all of those sort of things. Just to see a is there some benefit in some of the services they’re being offered and B. Is it something that you know I may be able to negotiate into potential at sample in the future?

I’M always on the outlook for that now generally, the cost of these sort of things is absolutely prohibitive to anything that we do with betangel we’d be talking. We’D have to raise the fees for Bettinger to about a thousand pounds per user or something to be able to get on some of these feeds or some of this data. However, it’s worth having the discussion, you never know what could happen and from a personal perspective, you know that sometimes there are interesting products that are coming out or do to come out. There will influence the way that people BET or trade, so I’m always interested in the industry from that perspective as well, so anyway, lots of meetings to do and hopefully I’ll that’s. Given you a bit of an insight as to what this conference is all about, and also giving you the chance to see what Stafford bridge looks like from the inside, you

How To Mobile Deposit Using Payforit At Mobile Casinos

Payforit is the UKs mobile micropayment scheme. Payforit is effectively a set of guidelines and an agreement that has been made between all mobile network operators about how to handle mobile payments.

Pay by mobile phone casinos are exactly how they sound. You pay for goods by charging the amount to your mobile phone credit. You can purchase digital goods including Facebook games, Sony products and even music on Spotify. All you do is select the pay by phone bill option. A text will be sent to your phone confirming the amount, and you simply reply to authorise the payment. You don’t get charged for the anything but the price you agreed to purchase the goods for. This system works with all UK mobile operators who have agreed to the Payforit guidelines.

Every major network is part of this agreement, including 3, 02, Vodafone and EE. Budget mobile companies are also part of it, such as Tesco Mobile and Talk mobile. A few secondary mobile networks like LEBARA, can sometimes have issues.

Here are the big things you need to know about Payforit before trying it out: It’s a payment system completely focused on transactions using mobile phone credit. This will either be from your mobile credit if you’re using pay as you go or charged to your mobile phone bill at the end of the month, if you’re on a contract.

There are no hidden charges Your transactions are limited to £10 per transaction You can only buy digital goods at the moment, but physical goods are a possibility in the future. This is limited at the moment because mobile phone billing services currently take a sizable cut of the payment from the merchant, therefore increasing the costs on their end. You can pay by mobile using any number of API handlers, such as Boku, fortumo and even Paypal.

All of these payment handlers are controlled by the Payforit guidelines, so the money goes from your network operator, to the merchant via your payment handler like Boku and all of it is governed by Payforit’s rules.

So that is our quick guide to Payforit. We hope that this guide has been of use to you and you have learned quite a few things about Payforit and mobile deposits in general. You are also encouraged to check out a similar article at Casinoslots if you want to learn more on the topic.

Later Decisions

Sometimes it is possible to play in such a way as to guarantee no further contact between opposing men When this happens, the situation is known as a running game, and the race goes to the player who can roll the largest numbers.

Simply speaking, a player should endeavor to gel into a running game when he is ahead in pips. If he is behind in the race, he should try to maintain contact, hoping to get a shot. White rolls a 6-5, What should he do?

He should bring those two back men to his 11 and 10 points. He is quite ahead in the race, and he cai determine how much he is ahead by counting the pips Black’s count is 113. This count is reached by notinp the point each checker is on and adding the total of these numbers.

For instance, black has:

Before playing the 6-5, the white men have a count of 97. White, being ahead in the count with the lowest number, should therefore turn the game into a simple race.

White does not have much chance in a running game since he is 24 pips behind. Instead of taking his two men back off black’s home board, he leaves them in the hope of hitting one of black’s men on the 12 and 13 points. Even if white doesn’t get to hit a black man, it ispossible that black will have to waste quite a few pips.

If black cannot move one of his outside men safely, he may have to move one of the men already on his board. This play does him no appreciable good, and in the meantime, white will be bringing his men in safely and advantageously.

Every now and then things don’t go as a player would like, and he finds that everytime he leaves a blot, it gets hit. Before he knows it, he has four, five, or even more men on his opponent’s board.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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How To Play Position in Poker

One of the first things that any aspiring player should attempt to understand is the lesson of playing poker in position. This lesson alone can make the difference between being a winning player and a losing player and it is something that can be relatively easy to learn, but much more complex to master. The simplest lesson of position to learn is that every hand gains value the later in position you are playing. Certainly hands like aces, kings, ace-king, or queens are going to have a playable value no matter where you are on the table, but many other hands become playable or unplayable simply because of the position that you have been dealt them in.

In a nine player table position is often broken up into four different sections, early, middle and late position along with the blinds. The traditional rule is that the earlier in position that you are going to open the pot, the stronger your hand must be in doing so. The logic behind this is that if you open a pot in first position, known as under the gun, there is a potential that eight other hands are stronger than yours is. However as players fold in front of you, your hand becomes incrementally stronger as you know now there are a fewer number of potential players that can beat your hand as you open the pot. There are numerous materials online which can show the differences one should look for when opening a pot in terms of position at the poker table. However the simplest rule is that, your hands should be progressively stronger if you’re opening earlier in position and they can become progressively weaker as you are later in position. This does not necessarily mean you should be raising with deuce-seven every time on the button, but you will be more likely to succeed if you raise that hand on the button than you would be in early or middle position.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Here’s How to Be Creative with Backyard Exercises

Part of learning to train at home is learning to be creative with your exercises. Because equipment is limited you need to find ways of using what is available to you.

Here are some ways you can be creative with your backyard shed exercises:

1. Change the way you do existing exercises

This is one of my favorite methods because it doesnt require doing anything new. Let’s say you want to change your shoulder workout but all you can do is the overhead press. Well, you can change it by doing a number of things. For example, change the speed at which you do the exercise making your declines super slow and your pushes fast and explosive. Or, you could change the height you lift the weight to so that you target only the lower part of the exercise. Changing the way you do an exercise is a simple way to get more out of it and take it to the next level.

2. Adapt bodybuilding exercises

Check out some bodybuilding exercises on the web and adapt them to things you have around the home. For example, arnold presses can easily be done with some paint cans or bricks and lateral side raises can be done with your dads bbq deck chairs. The exercises require that the weight is heavy, not that it is a dumbbell.

3. Intensify your chosen sports natural movements

One of the things I used to do for soccer was take the natural movements in the game and make them more intense. For example, I would practice my throwins with a heavy medicine ball in the hope of developing those associated muscles. Or, to develop my leg power, I would do a set of jumping squats and then run and take a long distance shot. Mixing the resistance exercise with the explosive exercise really helped my power come a long way. Take the movements in your sport and intensify them to really push those muscles.


Weight training at home is about using what you have around you whilst still sticking to correct technique and lifting methods. It is not hard to workout with weights at home as long as you are creative with your workouts.

In the next post we will look at some random strange exercises that you can do with little or no equipment. They are simple but very effective.

Brutal Backyard Shed Workouts for Low Budgets

In this post we will be looking at some of the best weights exercises that you can do at home with some simple equipment to get some real strength, power and muscle gain.

Cheap equipment needed for home workouts
As mentioned in part one of this series there are a few little cheap bits of equipment that come in very handy. There is no need to have expensive dumbbells and machines to get big and strong. Most of the equipment needed in this post you can make yourself with some of the stuff you’ll find in your shed. Be as creative as you can.

Backyard shed workouts using weights
Let not kid ourselves. Bodyweight exercises are so important for strength and real world speed and power but if you want to get really big you need some weights. Continually adding weight to your workout is the only way to keep pushing your muscles into real growth. And, weights is the easiest way to do that.

This post will look at the best and most simple exercises you can do to pack on some real size and strength using only the most basic of equipment.

1. The basic barbell curl
The barbell curl is a very sexy exercise. It is so simple and smooth and easy to do. Again, you don’t need a fancy expensive barbell to do this. When I first started weight training back in high school I used a broom stick with two heavy paint cans full of sand on the end. It did the trick fine!

Make sure you keep your elbows still when you do this. It is a biceps exercise, not a leaning back and cheating exercise! Experiment with different hand widths and you will find you get a complete biceps workout. You really don’t need any other biceps exercise if you do this one well.

2. The old time overhead press
As far as weight lifting exercises go this is probably the oldest. I can just picture some warrior hunters 10,000 years ago lifting some heavy rocks or logs over their heads to show off their strength.

The great thing about the overhead press is you can do it with anything and still not really sacrifice your technique. I have seen strong men doing it with kegs, barrels, weight discs, barbells, logs, tables… anything you can think of.

Make sure you don’t lean back when you are doing it. Try and keep the movement slow and controlled with a slightly faster push on the incline. If you keep your technique sound your gains will be excellent.

3. The weighted crunch
Doing a crunch with a medicine ball or weight on your chest is almost spiritual. It is so hard and challenging yet you know it is going to bring excellent results. Many people give up on the weighted crunch because it is too difficult to do but if you can pump out a few sets with smooth technique and tight contraction you will see some amazing abdominal growth.

try experimenting with different styles of crunching. If you have a medicine ball throw it up in the air and then do a crunch and catch it. The drop will really hit your abs hard. Or, try some faster ones by throwing it against a wall and catching it for the decline. The more you can mix it up the better.

4. Heavy object holding
One of the best ways to develop your forearms is to stand completely still whilst gripping a heavy object like a barbell or tree branch. Martial artists should pay close attention to this exercise as it is one of the best ways to increase the size and strength of your forearm muscles.

Find a heavy branch or barbell or something that is quite wide and hard for you to grip. Perhaps some types of rocks will do. Pick it up and hold it for as long as you can. Once you drop it shake your hands and pick it up asap and do it again. Repeat this process for 20 minutes and by then end your forearms will be screaming for you to stop!

What Is The History Of Green Tea Part 2

Europe – 1517 to 1600s

As Japan began to make green tea its own, travelers soon learned of its magical, mysterious properties and would return home to tell their families of what they had seen. News of this wonderful plant soon traveled throughout the world, and it wasn’t long until green tea was first introduced to Europe. In the year 1517, Portuguese traders first brought green tea to Europe by way of China. Instantly well-received, Chinese green tea was marveled upon by Europeans, and soon became one of the most highly-regarded commodities available.

Word of green tea and its benefits quickly traveled throughout Europe, even in regions far from where it was introduced. 1559 saw the writings of a Venetian Merchant, entitled “Voyages and Travels,” in which the merchant spent a good deal of time talking about the many health benefits of drinking green tea. The merchant also took the time to explain just how culturally significant the tea was, and how important of an impact it would likely have on Europe and the rest of the world.

As the merchant predicted, green tea continued to spread throughout the world like wildfire. Many people see 1657 as being one of the most pivotal years for green tea’s assimilation into the rest of the world, as it was in this year that the tea first began to be sold in London. London, which today is known as one of the world’s tea drinking capitals, quickly took to the magical leaves and soon became a hotbed for green tea drinking. The fact that London was a major port didn’t hurt either, as green tea finally reached the point where it could be traded and transported throughout the world.

Green Tea in North America – 1600s to Present

It wasn’t long after green tea began being traded in London that it ended up in North America. The tea was first brought to America in the 1600s by the Dutch, and is thought to have first popped up in New York. Green tea fast became one of the many drinks of choice for New Yorkers, and was enjoyed without any sweetening or augmentation. As the drink spread throughout the city, its popularity grew exponentially. Soon, it was the most popular tea drink in the country, and was drunk by common people as well as the extremely wealthy and elite.

In 1774, the Boston Tea Party changed everything for green tea in America. Soon after, the country found itself mainly concerned with the drinking of English tea, or black tea. Once the prepackaging of tea became the norm, it became fairly difficult to even find green tea in America. Since black tea had all but taken over, producers found it to be financially irresponsible to continue to sell green tea. Fortunately, this came to an end some years later.

Over the course of the recent past (1960 to Present), green tea has found a large resurgence around the world, and especially in America. As the world continues to be fixated on living healthy, the immense health benefits of green tea soon became popular, and before long green tea was again immensely popular. To this day, it remains one of the most popular types of drinks in the world, and is marketed in America and elsewhere as an elixir for one’s health. With China and India being some of the world’s largest producers of tea (and some 30 countries in the world cultivating the plant), it’s safe to say that its popularity will only increase as time goes on. With its delicious flavor and incredible health benefits, it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to drink green tea.

What Is The History Of Green Tea Part 1

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. The sad fact, however, is that many of the people who drink it – even those who drink it on a regular basis – are completely in the dark about its history and origins. Thousands of years old, it is one of the oldest beverages that is still popularly consumed, and benefits from a rich history of culture and ingenuity.

Chinese Origins – 350 AD to 729 AD

While the history of green tea is certainly full of mystery and unknowns, it is agreed upon by historians throughout the world that the tea originated in China approximately five thousand years ago. According to Chinese legend, a man named Shien Non Shei discovered green tea leaves, tasted them and was instantly won over by their pungent, almost medicinal qualities. Most historians agree that discovery eventually led to experimentation, where the leaves would eventually be found to benefit most from hot (but never boiling) water, turning them into a delicious beverage with mysterious qualities.Chinese Tea History

Soon after the discovery of green tea, the drink quickly became a mainstay for Chinese royalty and wealthy individuals, who were the first to drink green tea on a regular basis. At one point, it was even used as currency, as it held significant value and was tough to come about for those who were poor or did not have connections to royalty. The first known Chinese account of green tea’s health benefits is thought to have been written by a man named Lu Yu and is entitled “The Classic of Tea.” The book elaborates on each of the many supposed health benefits, which are surprisingly similar to what most scientists and doctors believe today.

While green tea was first reserved for the elite as it commanded quite a high price, it was bound to disseminate through the rest of China at some point, which is exactly what it did after 1368 AD’s fall of the Mongolian Empire. Suddenly, China’s entire population had access to green tea, and the drink was no longer reserved only for royalty and the rich. It was only a matter of time before green tea began to spread further. Eventually, small tea houses began to spring up in communities, becoming some of the first social watering holes in the world. Tea makers soon became artisans, respected among the community in the same way doctors and lawyers are respected today.

On to Japan – 729 AD to 1517 AD

Once green tea made its way to Japan, it found an audience that was hot to progress the tea to a whole new level. Green tea cultivation is thought to have began in Japan in the year 729 AD, a time when the emperor would give Buddhist monks gifts of powdered green tea. With the unveiling of such varieties as Sencha and Matcha, green tea finally began to come into its own. The Japanese assimilated green tea very quickly, and it fast became just as wholly identified with Japan as it did China.

It wasn’t long until Japan had its own authoritative book on the wonders of green tea. Written in 1211 AD by a Japanese man named Eisai Myoan, “Tea Drinking is Good for your Health” had an immediate impact on the people of Japan and the way green tea was viewed in the country. The growing popularity of green tea in Japan hit its apex in the 1400s when a Japanese Zen priest created the country’s first tea ceremony, one that would live on for hundreds of years into the future.

The Fastest and Safest Way to Lose Weight

Have you given up trying to slim down because the diet and exercise routines the experts recommend are too strict and demanding? There is hope for you yet. The raspberry ketone diet is so easy and simple that all you need to do is take two little pills a day. And the best thing is that you won’t even have to sacrifice your usual diet; just downsize it a bit and maintain a simple exercise routine to remain fit and healthy.

What is raspberry ketone diet?

Raspberry ketone is a compound that occurs naturally in raspberry fruit. But it occurs in such minute quantities that a kilogram of the fruit yields only 1 to 4 mg of the substance. This is why it is so expensive in its pure form, a kilogram of which fetches up to $20,000 in the market. Fortunately, it can be synthesized in the laboratory in large quantities and made in the form of affordable pills for consumption. Experts recommend two pills a day for weight loss – one before breakfast and another before lunch.

How does the diet help lose weight?

Raspberry ketone minimizes the intake of fat from food. When deprived of fat, the body’s metabolism is forced to burn the fat already stored in the body to produce energy. With excess fat gone, slimming takes place naturally. With the raspberry ketone diet, you won’t even have to do any physical exercise, although you should to keep yourself fit and healthy. A quarter to an half an hour’s exercise won’t hurt you. As for the amount of food intake, it helps speed up the weight loss if you decrease if you are in the habit of eating a large quantity.

Has the diet been tested and proven?

Raspberry ketone plus has been known to science for a long time. It was originally used in perfumes and cosmetics and as a food additive because of its fruity flavor. It is still used for these purposes. But its importance to the fitness industry lies in the fact that not so long ago it was discovered to have the amazing fat burning property. It was introduced to the world by the renowned health expert and fitness guru Dr. Oz after many successful tests. He who subsequently placed it in his list of ‘Top Five Miracle Fat Burners’, a position which it still holds.

What are the safety issues?

The raspberry ketone diet has been listed as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAF) by the Food and Drug Administration. This is proof that it is safe to consume. Studies have shown that it is no associated side-effects like headache, nausea, fever and tiredness. This makes this miracle fat burner totally safe for consumption. In fact, it has been found to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in old people. This makes it the perfect weight loss solution for overweight and obese people of all ages.